SPIC Website: SEP Kicks off Site Excavation for Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Plant

At 11:18 am local time, July 16, 2018, the site excavation project for Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Plant, invested and controlled by SEP, kicked off officially in Turkey, indicating that the project has entered a substantial stage of construction.


The project involves two 660 MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power generation units, invested and constructed by EMBA Electricity Production Inc., controlled by SEP jointly with AVIC International and Turkish natural person shareholders, and flue gas desulphurization and SCR denitration systems will be constructed in the meantime, with emissions superior to EU standard and that for gas turbines. Located in Adana, the fifth largest city of Turkey, adjoining to the Mediterranean and also situated in the Gulf of Iskenderun, the power plant is a coastal plant. With a total investment of around USD 1.7 billion, the project has a construction period of 48 months and designed annual utilization hours of over 6,500.


The project has created a number of records as follows: it is a direct investment project with the largest amount carried out by Chinese enterprise in Turkey since the two countries established diplomatic relations and also the first coal-fired power project using imported coal invested by Chinese enterprise in Turkey; the project financing will adopt an innovative revolving standby letter of credit financing arranged by a bank consortium led by China Development Bank, with Sinosure as the insurer; the main equipment and main auxiliary equipment of the project are made in China, with the supply rate of domestic equipment more than 90 percent; the project realized a comprehensive "going global" including Chinese planning, designing, standards, equipment, technologies, management and services, driving the export of Chinese capacity.


The project will inject fresh vitality into the economic growth of Turkey, which stayed around 5 percent in recent years, and will effectively guarantee the country's energy security and meet related requirements. Also as a key project dovetailing China's Belt and Road Initiative with Turkey's Middle Corridor project, it will enable the China-Turkey strategic cooperative relations to develop at a higher level, which is in line with the concept of constructing a community of shared destiny for mankind proposed by the 19th CPC National Congress.


The project is also a major project of SPIC for deepening development in Turkish electricity market, which could give full play to the rich experience of SPIC in large-scale thermal power project investment, construction and operation, coordinate with its nuclear power strategy in Turkey, form a combination of long-term and short-term plans and complementation of different projects, and contribute to establishing SPIC's brand image.


At present, all the companies participating in the construction of Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Plant are pushing forward the project construction with high quality aimed at building a clean, high-efficient and reliable world-class power plant.

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