SPIC Website: Caojing Power Plant Units Win Awards inNational Thermal Power Unit Efficiency Competition

Recently, Unit 1 and Unit 2 of Caojing Power Plant was awarded the titles of "AAAA class" and "AAA class" outstanding 1000 MW-class ultra-supercritical unit respectively in the national thermal power unit efficiency benchmarking competition of 2017 organized by China Electricity Council (CEC), marking another honor won by the power plant after Unit 1 and Unit 2 obtained the second prize and third prize in the 1000 MW-class ultra-supercritical unit competition of 2016 respectively.


The competition conducted comprehensive assessment on indicators of unit reliability, economic efficiency, technical supervision and environmental protection, and selected outstanding units eventually. Caojing Power Plant has always been paying high attention to the indicator management of the two units, and taking active measures to make improvement in various aspects including benchmarking management, economic operation, tapping potential on equipment and technological transformation. The power plant has built three levels of energy-saving management network system at the level of plant, departments and shift teams from top to bottom, with gradual goal decomposition and duty fulfillment. According to the standard of first-class thermal power units, the power plant conducted benchmarking work, including comparison of the indicators between its own units and similar units which are first-class in the industry on both year-on-year and month-on-month bases, found out problems and gaps and then formulated the implementation scheme for net coal consumption action plan. Through unit repair, daily maintenance and defect elimination, the power plant seriously took radical measures to improve the equipment performance, guaranteed safe and reliable operation of the units, enabled all the indicators to reach optimal values, and has gained remarkable effect.

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