SPIC Website: SEP Operation Honored Second Prize of Shanghai Enterprise Management Modern Innovation Achievements

Recently, the "Localized Management of Multinational Project for Electricity O&M Enterprise" by SEP Operation was honored the Second Prize of Shanghai's Enterprise Management Modern Innovation Achievements of 2017.


In recent years, the company has undertaken the O&M projects for Wassit Power Plant in Iraq and Atlas Power Plant in Turkey, and completed the contract terms of the two projects successfully by its own talent and technical advantages. In the process, the company, through trial and error, gradually overcame the phenomenon of non-acclimatization arising from the application of domestic electricity O&M models overseas due to cultural, religious and thinking differences, gave consideration to the living quality of overseas employees while ensuring the steady and safe operation of the equipment, and developed the unique localized management of multinational project for electricity O&M enterprise. The company constructed a multi-level and multi-dimensional management structure mainly integrated with the practical situation overseas, consolidated resources integrated with the project need to strengthen mutual-beneficial cooperation, instructed the power plant to establish the enterprise standard with overseas characteristics integrated with standardized construction, and promoted sustainable development and related management measures for the overseas power plant relying on both professional management and regional organizations, which gained certain social and economic benefits.


The achievement was the practical action of SEP Operation in striving to become a forerunner in constructing a world-class integrated energy enterprise, and was also the important experience accumulated for the goal of becoming an EPC contractor adapting to international practice for overseas power plant O&M projects.


It is reported that Shanghai's Enterprise Management Modern Innovation Achievements of 2017 involved main fields of enterprise management, fully reflected how various Shanghai-based enterprises adapted to the economic new normal positively, and showcased the latest trend of enterprise management at present. Through a series of procedures including application, recommendation and expert review, a total of 188 management innovation achievements were selected, among which 16, 77 and 95 items were honored the first prize, second prize and third prize respectively.

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