The Malta Business Weekly: Maltese Engineers Among Top 10 Achievers for Two Consecutive Years

Ing. Joseph Mifsud has been named one of the Top Ten Achievers for 2017 from among the 140,000 employees of China's State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) operating in 36 countries and regions. Ing. Mifsud currently serves as Deputy Director of Production and Technology Department of D3 Power Generation Ltd. in Marsaxlokk. Every year, each company within SPIC puts forward the names of nominees for the Top Ten Achievers award. Twenty nominees are then selected for the final round of voting, which is conducted online. Ing. Mifsud received 222,222 votes eventually ranking second from among the 20 nominees for 2017.


Last year, Ing. David Griscti, D3's Director of the Production and Technology Department, was selected by SPIC as one of the Top Ten Achievers for 2016. This means that two Maltese engineers were recognized for their achievements, loyal commitment, dedication, sense of responsibility and, most importantly, for serving as role models for others from among all SPIC's employees across the world, in just a short span of two years.


Both Maltese engineers were nominated by SEP (Malta) Holding Limited (SEPM), a platform established for energy cooperation between Shanghai Electric Power (SEP) and the Maltese government.


Speaking of this year's achiever, D3's CEO Mr. Zhichao Chen said: "With 27 years' experience in the relevant field, Ing. Mifsud is responsible for the maintenance of the plant's eight units, abatement systems and steam turbine plant. He has a great sense of responsibility and is very diligent in his work. As D3 is relatively new to Malta, he is a great resource for the company to understand the community background. Ing. Mifsud is in constant contact with D3's different departments and their various subcontractors and suppliers, so that the company can fit in the local market without any delays. He also had a key role in the D3 oil-to-gas conversion project," said Mr. Chen.


In March 2017, the first unit of D3 was put into commercial operation on gas and connected to the grid, therefore marking the first unit on the Maltese islands to run on natural gas. "The successful completion of the conversion project could not have been achieved without Joseph's total dedication during the last two years," said Mr. Chen.


A former Enemalta plant manager, Ing. David Griscti works closely on behalf of D3 with Malta's power grid distribution to ensure a stable and secure power supply for the country. He was intensely involved on various fronts of the conversion project, including technical supervision, simulated dispatching software, and contracts implementation.


Founded in 2014, SEPM manages D3 and leads its oil-to-gas conversion project at Delimara Power Station. SEPM employs 48 qualified personnel from seven countries of whom nine are Maltese citizens. Reflecting the valuable heritage of its mother group SPIC and parent company SEP, with a history of more than 100 years, SEPM is endeavoring to become an integrated power generation company, offering reliable, economic, and clean energy in the region.

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