China Power Website: SEP Board of Directors Honored 'Gold Roundtable Prize-Outstanding Board of Directors'

Recently, SEP Board of Directors was honored "Gold Roundtable Prize-Outstanding Board of Directors" at the 13th China Listed Companies Board of Directors "Gold Roundtable" Forum and "Gold Roundtable Prize" awarding ceremony held in Beijing.


Guided by China Association for Public Companies and sponsored by "Board of Directors" Magazine under Phoenix Publishing & Media, "Gold Roundtable Prize" is a high-end non-profit brand prize focusing on China's board of directors system construction and corporate governance, and has currently become an important evaluation benchmark for China's listed company governance level with widespread brand influence.


Since IPO, SEP has been improving its corporate governance structure, giving full play to the role of board of directors and creating sustained value for society and shareholders. The award of "Gold Roundtable Prize-Outstanding Board of Directors" not only reflected the full affirmation to the company by authorities, investors and the republic, but also served as an effective testament to the company's ever-improving governance.

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