SPIC Website: Waigaoqiao Power Plant Completes Power Supply Guarantee During NPC, CPPCC Sessions

As the annual NPC and CPPCC sessions were convened on March 3, 2018, SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant has kicked off whole-staff "power supply guarantee mode" since March 1, implementing special measures for power supply security work strictly, delicately and solidly with all-dimensional deployment and control, in order to ensure safe and reliable power supply and earnestly complete power supply guarantee work during the two sessions.


The power plant released the "Notice on Completing Safety Production Work during the Spring Festival in 2018 and Annual NPC and CPPCC Sessions" in January, General Manager Shen Haihua conveyed the guidance and various requirements for work safety preparation during the annual NPC and CPPCC sessions by higher-level company at the monthly review meeting, and related departments drew up power supply guarantee work plan during the two sessions which duly carried out all aspects of work including power generation equipment reliability, timely fuel supply, network information security, anti-terrorism and emergency management. Before and during the Spring Festival holiday, the power plant leaders led teams to conduct special safety inspection on major production sites so as to keep safety risks under strict control. After the Spring Festival holiday, the power plant organized production departments to carry out pre-operation safety examination in line with the "Notice on Safety Check before Operation Resumption after the Spring Festival Holiday" released as required by SEP.


During the two sessions, the power plant established a special power supply security team led by the plant leaders, which executed leaders on duty and "regular report" system and required timely work report on a daily basis according to the requirement of higher-level company. Meanwhile, the power plant summarized the experience for power supply guarantee work in previous years, examined the implementation of power supply guarantee measures, made sure that the work safety within the power plant should be controllable and under control during the two sessions, and endeavored to achieve "no risk at all".

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