SPIC Website: SEP Braced for New Era, New Journey

On February 26, SEP held the Annual Work Meeting of 2018 and the Second Session of the Third Workers' Congress in Shanghai. The main task of the meeting was to call on all the cadres and staff to study and implement the spirit of the 19th National CPC Congress in an in-depth manner under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era, execute the spirit of SPIC's 2018 Annual Work Meeting, Party Construction and Anti-graft Work Meeting as well as the working requirement of Shanghai municipal Party committee and municipal government earnestly, summarize the work in 2017 and analyze the situation deeply, arrange the overall work for 2018, and urge all the cadres and staff to keep their mission in mind, forge ahead with united efforts and create a new situation for building a world-class enterprise.


In 2018, SEP will closely center on SPIC's two major strategic subjects of "building a world-class integrated energy group" and "constructing a modern SOE system with Chinese characteristics", and accomplish a good job for high-quality transformation and development. Firstly, the company will complete grand safety work with high quality, and enhance work safety management comprehensively; secondly, it will accomplish operation and development work with high quality, and stabilize and improve economic benefits by all manner of means; thirdly, it will promote multinational operation capability enhancement with high quality, carry out excellent headquarters construction, accelerate the management model transformation from business unit to shared service, and push forward management system implementation centered on quality; fourthly, it will improve team construction with high quality, build a highly-qualified talent team and create an ideal environment for innovative talent cultivation. Eventually, the company will hand in a satisfactory answer sheet.


In the coming year, SEP will insist on strengthening Party leadership and construction in an all-round way under the powerful leadership of SPIC, adhere to practicing the new development concept and high-quality development requirement, persist in "focusing on development, increasing profit, and promoting harmony", persevere in reform and innovation, push forward clean energy development and multinational operation development unswervingly, make sure to complete and strive to exceed the annual goals and tasks, and endeavor to become a pioneer and forerunner in constructing SPIC into a world-class integrated energy group with global competitiveness.

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