SPIC Website: Tianji Power Plant Completes Power Supply Guarantee for Spring Festival Successfully

During the Spring Festival holiday in 2018, the cadres and staff of SEP Tianji Power Plant made sacrifice of their leisure time with family and friends for a happy, harmonious and peaceful holiday of all, carried out various measures and kept dedicated to their duties, in order to ensure safety and stability of unit operation and smooth development of all kinds of work during the holiday. With total electricity output of 147 GWh throughout the holiday, the power plant guaranteed safe and stable power supply for the Spring Festival successfully.


Firstly, the power plant strictly executed the system of related leaders and personnel on duty. During the Spring Festival, the leaders and personnel of various specialties of the power plant carried out on-site duty system around the clock, implemented work safety responsibility system for all levels of personnel stringently, and ensured with work safety organization, measures and responsibilities all in place. Besides, operation staff observed "Two tickets and three rules" rigidly, arranged complete anti-accident plan for units, and guaranteed safe and stable operation of equipment.


Secondly, the power plant ensured regular fuel supply for units. It strengthened communication and coordination with Huainan Mining Industry Group in order to guarantee "grain ration" supply for its four units, and also intensified patrol inspection on coal handling system and improved unloading work for incoming coal, laying a solid foundation for increasing power output.


Thirdly, the power plant enhanced safety management during the holiday. It carried out hidden danger troubleshooting in key areas such as dangerous chemicals warehouse, oil depot and coal handling system, and arranged timely rectification for hidden dangers and defects found out. All the staff on duty remained at their positions and executed their responsibilities earnestly during the holiday, making sure all related personnel, systems and measures in place. The power plant went all out to safeguard a peaceful, harmonious and happy Spring Festival for the sake of thousands of Chinese households.

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