Ministry of Commerce Website: SEPM Marsa Rooftop PV Power Project Connected to Grid with Full Capacity

On December 30, 2017, at local time in Malta, Marsa Roof-mounted Distributed PV Power Project, the first PV power demonstration project on the island of Malta developed by International Renewable Energy Development Ltd. (IREDL) controlled by SEPM, a Maltese subsidiary of SEP, was connected to the grid with full capacity and thus realized commercial operation with full capacity. With installed capacity of 119.4 KW, the project was developed independently by IREDL. The project has been included in the national Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program of Malta, and will be granted 20-year FIT, with the annual utilization hours expected to exceed 1550 during the first year after commercial operation. The project is also the first renewable energy project put into commercial operation in Europe under the flag of SPIC and SEP.


At present, IREDL is independently developing several roof-mounted distributed PV power projects in Malta, with a total installed capacity exceeding 1 MW, which are expected to go into operation in 2018.

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