SPIC Website: Tianji Power Plant Fights Against Snowstorm, Ensures Stable Unit Operation

Recently, a rare snowstorm hit the areas along the Huaihe River in Anhui province and Tianji Power Plant kicked off the emergency plan for snowstorm weather immediately. All the plant staff stuck to their posts despite severe cold weather, executed various protection measures against cold and freezing conditions, and guaranteed safe and stable operation of the units.


The power plant published snowstorm weather warning through OA system, work safety WeChat group and other related platforms, kicked off contingency plan, monitored the unit operation situation closely, and completed accident prediction. First, the power plant carried out patrol inspection focusing on outdoor piping insulation, outdoor terminal box, thermodynamic instrumentation heating system, etc. Second, the power plant organized relevant personnel to clear snow on the PV panels and plant roads timely in order to ensure safe operation of PV equipment, smooth road traffic as well as personnel and vehicle safety at the power plant. Third, the power plant suspended outdoor high-place operations to prevent accidents of slipping or falling from high places. Fourth, the power plant improved unloading work for trains with incoming coal, conducted hidden danger troubleshoot on coal handling system, and ensured "grain ration" supply for its four units. Fifth, the power plant enhanced management on staff shuttle buses to guarantee traffic safety. Sixth, the power plant strengthened foodstuff procurement for staff canteen to ensure the need of the employees' daily life. Sixth, the power plant increased the workforce on duty, reinforced the preparation work of personnel, vehicles and emergency supplies, and safeguarded the normal supply of materials in need.


Confronted with extreme weather of continuous cooling and lasting snow, all the cadres and staff of the power plant will continue to carry forward the fighting spirit despite difficulties, devote themselves to various tasks aimed at fighting against snowstorm and safeguarding power supply and units wholeheartedly, and come together with united efforts to gain the final victory over severe cold and snowstorm.

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