SPIC Website: Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation Distributed PV Power Project Synchronized

Recently, Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation Plant Area Distributed PV Power Project was connected to the grid successfully, with various data displayed properly, marking that the power plant gained a breakthrough of zero in developing integrated smart energy, which will play an active role in promoting energy conservation and consumption reduction for the power plant.


The PV power project utilized the rooftop of five structures including the office building, power house and parking shed in the plant area, with a total area of 5,000 square meters approximately and designed annual power generation of 450 MWh all for self consumption. A total of 1650 panels of 295 Wp high-efficient mono-crystalline silicon PV modules were installed, which would be converted into 380V AC through 13 inverters and other related supporting equipment and then connected to the station service system.


During the project construction process, Changxing Gas-fired Power Generation carried out elaborate organization, active coordination, orderly management and effective supervision, collaborated closely with equipment manufacturers, design institute and construction companies, and pushed forward the project in perfect order, with the goals of process, cost, quality, safety and control all attained smoothly.

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