SPIC Website: SEP Honored 'Best Special Report Award' of Chinese Electricity Industry Public Transparency Forum

On November 24, 2017, the Fourth Annual Public Transparency Forum for Chinese Electricity Industry Enterprises and Awarding Ceremony was held in Beijing, which was jointly sponsored by Social Responsibility Committee of Chinese Institute of Business Administration and Beijing Rongzhi Corporate Social Responsibility Institute. The Sustainable Development Report 2016 released by SEP was honored the "Best Special Report Award" of Chinese Electricity Industry Enterprises Public Transparency Forum in 2017 for its detailed disclosure and precise dissemination of information.


Centering on the theme of "value, transparency and recognition", the forum discussed the practice of creating comprehensive value, the method of enhancing public transparency and the way to win social recognition for electricity industry enterprises, shared good practices of corporate social responsibility management, exchanged experience of public transparency construction practices by electricity industry enterprises, released annual monitoring report, and explored the sustainable development path for electricity industry in the new era.


SEP will continue to insist on the concept of people-oriented, comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development, deal with the relationship between corporate development and human development, social development and environmental protection positively, integrate social responsibility management into the company's strategy and daily operation constantly, strive to realize common development of the company and its stakeholders, and implement its corporate social responsibility for the new era in a better way.

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