SPIC Website: SEP Honored 'Excellent Collective' for Blood Donation Work in Shanghai of 2016

On November 6, 2017, SEP was honored the title of "Excellent Collective" for blood donation work in Shanghai for the year of 2016.


The company has always been paying special attention to voluntary blood donation and lending full support to it as a social responsibility. It has been disseminating the significance of voluntary blood donation extensively within the system, mobilizing and effectively organizing all the staff to positively devote themselves to the related activities.


Along with the acceleration of transformation and development in recent years, the company has been expanding its industry layout across Shanghai, around the country and even all over the world, and thus the mobility of the staff has been increasing substantially, which presents a big challenge for the organization, execution and logistical support of voluntary blood donation work. Nevertheless, SEP headquarters together with its affiliated companies managed to inherit and maintain the good tradition of voluntary blood donation.


The company will continue to summarize the experience of blood donation work, actively explore new thoughts and new methods which are more humanized and operable, and strive to make new contributions to performing social responsibility of central SOE and promoting harmonious development between enterprise and society in the new era.

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