SPIC Website: Oil-to-gas Conversion Project Completed on SEP D3 Power Plant Units in Malta

Recently, the four units of D3 Power Generation Limited Phase II Project were connected to the grid and put into commercial operation in Malta, marking the full completion of the oil-to-gas conversion project on the units of D3 Power Plant which lasted 15 months.


As an important part of the energy cooperation project between SEP and Malta, the oil-to-gas conversion project of D3 Power Plant was divided into two phases to convert the original eight internal combustion generation units using heavy oil as the main fuel to dual-fuel and single-fuel units using natural gas as the main fuel, including the retrofitting of optimization on the balance of the plant. After the conversion project, the overall efficiency of the power plant was increased from 47% to 50%. SEP Engineering Malta Company was the EPC contractor of the project.


On January 1, 2015, the project team composed of the owner and the EPC contractor arrived at the project site and started preparation work. The Phase I project started officially on May 16, 2016, with the commissioning of light oil on the Phase I units completed in end-September 2016 and the commissioning of natural gas finished on the units and the commercial operation starting in February 2017. The Phase II conversion project on the four units kicked off in end-March 2017, and the units went into commercial operation on the early morning of August 29, 2017. During the conversion project, the management team made up of D3 Power Plant, EPC contractor and the other participating construction companies overcame various difficulties such as cultural differences and postponement of natural gas supply, and realized the project milestones smoothly thanks to the support and coordination of Enemalta, the Maltese partner of SEP. After the conversion, the performance indicators of the units all reached the design value, with the emission far below the requirement of the environmental protection authorities in Malta, signifying a complete success of the project.


The successful conversion for the internal combustion units of D3 Power Plant not only improved the local energy structure of Malta, but also fulfilled SEP's investment commitment. Moreover, it provided experience and model for the company's overseas engineering reconstruction projects, and marked the success of the company's first EPC project within the EU. D3 Power Plant will pay close attention to the follow-up work, and make contributions to both SEP's overseas strategy and the construction of regional management and control platform for the project in Malta with its own practical actions.

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