SPIC Website: Tianji Power Plant Eyes on Innovation

Recently, Tianji Power Plant has achieved a number of innovative results, including nine national utility model patents. At the national 600 MW-class thermal power unit efficiency benchmarking and competition of 2016 organized by China Electricity Council (CEC), Unit 1 of Tianji Power Plant won the first prize of 600 MW-class supercritical unit competition, and Unit 4 of the power plant won the first prize of 600 MW-class ultra-supercritical unit competition. QC squad of the operation crew at the power plant was awarded the first prize of the national QC squad research presentation contest for the project titled "Lowering the ammonia injection amount for de-NOx system of Unit 1". The project of "Research and Engineering Application on Power Generation Technology with 620℃ Reheat Temperature" was granted the first prize of technology progress by SPIC.


In order to guide innovation, the power plant established "Wang Jingsong Model Worker Studio", focusing on the three themes of "safety, energy conservation and environmental protection" in thermal power generation, pooling wisdom to promote innovation, and has carried out approximately 47 innovation-driven breakthrough projects, producing significant innovative results. So far, the studio has obtained 34 national utility model patents, two patents for invention, eight scientific and technological prizes of national-level, provincial or ministerial-level, together with more than 30 science and technological papers published. The studio has also completed a number of large-scale technical rehabilitation projects, including retrofitting on flow passage and capacity expansion of steam turbine for the two units of the Phase-I project of the power plant, upgrading and retrofitting of the final super-heater of the boiler, retrofitting on low-pressure low-temperature economizer and GCB, and upgrading and reconstruction of DCS, which improved the safety and economic operation of the units and the equipment reliability, lowered the net coal consumption of the units from 301g/kwh to 295g/kwh, and managed to save 84,000 tons of standard coal each year, equivalent of saving fuel cost of around 59.4 million RMB annually and increasing profit of around 108 million RMB for the enterprise. The studio has also accomplished ultra-low emission rehabilitation on all the four units of the power plant, with the emission concentration of the pollutants discharged by the units far lower than the national emission standard after retrofitting, which would lower pollutant emission of 1600 tons every year, and had received power tariff gains of 47 million RMB on environmental protection subsidy as of the first half of 2017.

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