Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website: Chinese Ambassador to Malta Jiang Jiang Visits SEPM Staff

On July 4, 2017, Chinese Ambassador to Malta Jiang Jiang went to D3 Power Plant, affiliated to SEP (Malta) Holding Ltd. (SEPM), and greeted Chinese and foreign staff sticking to their posts under the scorching sun.


Having listened to the report on the project development by SEPM General Manager Sheng Baojie, Jiang Jiang stated that D3 project is a symbolic program in the economic and trade cooperation between China and Malta, which received wide recognition and attention from Maltese people. The smooth operation of the project so far depends on the hard work of Chinese and foreign employees. He hoped SEP could continue to summarize relevant experience and build up an outstanding international team featured with multi-ethnic cultures, mutual learning, integration and win-win.


Afterwards, Jiang Jiang headed to the construction site to visit Chinese and foreign employees, and presented them with summer refreshments.

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