China Power Website: SEP Engineering Honored Advanced Company of 6th National Electricity Industry Equipment Management Work Awards

On March 24, 2017, the award ceremony of the Sixth National Electricity Industry Equipment Management Work was held in Beijing, on which SEP Engineering Company was honored the Advanced Company of Equipment Management Work.


Guided by the tenet of "Serving the power plant, expanding the market, improving the efficiency, and striving for the best", the whole staff of the company have been working hard with their best efforts, and have accomplished various production indicators assigned by SEP, with the completion rate of technical plans and acceptance record card, rate of maintenance meeting all quality standards, elimination rate of equipment defects, and one-time pass rate of customer acceptance in key milestones all reaching the standard, times of non-planned outage due to maintenance quality not more than once, and times of in-service unplanned derated events arising from maintenance quality not more than three times.


At present, the company is striving for building a well-known maintenance company which is "leading in the industry, first class in the electricity sector, and renowned all over the world".

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