SPIC Website: Changxing Island Power Plant Honored 'Staff Reading Room' Pilot Site by ACFTU

Recently, SEP Changxing Island Power Plant was honored the pilot site of “Staff Reading Room” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU), which has set up around 200 “Staff Reading Rooms” around the country.


As the power plant is located on an island, most of its employees live in the plant, which makes their spare time fairly dull. Since six years ago, the power plant built up its own reading room with self-raised funds, however, due to lack of book varieties, it could hardly meet the reading demand of the staff. In March 2016, thanks to 60,000 RMB invested by the group company SPIC, the staff reading room was rebuilt to the floor space of more than 50 square meters from 20 square meters, and the total number of books was increased to more than 2,000 from 300, which could cater for the need of the staff now.

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