China Power Website: SEP Caojing Power Plant Energy Saving Innovation Studio Honored ‘Technician Innovation Studio’ of Shanghai

Recently, in the selection of “Shanghai Technician Innovation Studio” organized by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions and Shanghai Association of Workers’ Technology, Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Innovation Studio of SEP Caojing Power Plant was honored the title of “Technician Innovation Studio”, which was among the first batch in Shanghai.


Founded in October 2014, the Studio, also named Li Xiaofeng Innovation Studio, has been dedicated to improving the staff’s innovation capability, speeding up the cultivation of high-skill professional talent and high-quality innovation talent, serving the company’s energy saving and emission reduction work, and providing an education platform for the youth. In 2015, the Clean Emission Rehabilitation Project of Unit 1 received subsidy from the Shanghai Association of Workers’ Technology Technician Innovation Special Fund. Led by Li Xiaofeng, the members of the studio conducted technological reform, technical communication, skill training, invention and innovation, and thus gained satisfactory results. On that basis, the studio went through a series of procedures including application, audit, review, publicity and final selection, and became one of the first 50 technician innovation studios in Shanghai.


The studio will continue to focus on the important and difficult issues related to the company production and operation, promote advanced innovation concept, technology and methodology, tackle technological development bottleneck, inspire innovative and reform enthusiasm of massive workers, enhance innovation capability of workers, and cultivate reserve technical talent for the company.

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