SPIC Official WeChat: Foreigners in Limelight on SEP Work Meeting

Two foreigners were in the limelight during SEP’s work meeting of 2016 held on February 2.

Who were these two foreign attendees?

Givoanni Campa, Italian General Manager of International Renewable Energy Development Ltd., Malta

Mete Bulgun, General Manager of Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Project, EMBA Electricity Production Inc., Turkey

When they signed the performance responsibility agreement with SEP on behalf of their companies, they were kindly called “Qiao Zong” (“Manager Givoanni” in Chinese) and “Mei Zong”(“Manager Mete” in Chinese) by the other attendees, which marked the first time SEP appointed foreign executives since the establishment of the company in 1998.

Since the implementation of “Going Out” strategy in 2011, SEP has been pushing forward overseas business steadily under the guidance and support of the group company. It is noted that Hunutlu Coal-fired Power Project is the biggest investment project by Chinese enterprise in Turkey.

The new Enemalta PLC, a joint venture between SEP and Enemalta, Malta’s only state-owned energy company, having converted Delimara 3 to a gas-powered plant and completed electricity network reinforcement project, not only made Enemalta turn around, but also placed Malta among the three European Union countries with the lowest electricity tariffs from among the three with highest tariffs. At present, SEP’s overseas business covers 19 countries, spreading Europe, Asia and Africa. The total installed capacity of overseas projects in production accounts for 1.5% of all the projects in SEP, creating 10% of total net profit for the company.

In the meantime of overseas development, SEP adheres to SPIC’s philosophy of “Harmony Culture” and embodies the quintessence of “Harmony” in international operation and staff localization. They not only recruited foreign management staff based on international practice, but also trained local employees according to the Chinese tradition of mentoring and tutoring, and invited foreign employees to attend SEP’s training course in Shanghai, involving over 150 persons.
As a state-owned enterprise, SEP should implement the glorious mission of overseas development mandated by SPIC, while striving to realize the objective of building another SEP by 2020. In order to develop steadily in the unfamiliar overseas market, the company should forge ahead with an open mind, ready to embrace all parties and recruit top talents around the world.

The scene of Givoanni and Mete signing performance responsibility agreement in the annual work conference of SEP appears as fresh news today. Nevertheless, along with further implementation of SPIC’s overseas development strategy and more SEP’s overseas projects coming into operation, those foreigners will certainly become regular attendees to SEP’s work meetings.

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