SPIC Website: SEP Caojing Power Plant Labor Union Honored ‘National Model Staff Family’

Recently, the Labor Union of Shanghai Shangdian Caojing Power Generation Co., Ltd. (Caojing Power Plant) was granted the title of “National Model Staff Family” by All-China Federation of Trade Unions. The title was not only the top glory of national labor union system for advanced groups, but also the country’s greatest compliment for grass-roots labor union work. In addition, this was a new honor received by Caojing Power Plant Labor Union following the title of “Shanghai Model Staff Family” in 2013, which greatly inspired everyone in the power plant.


Established in April 2007, Caojing Power Plant was the first 1000MW ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant newly built based on closing down a total of 13 small units from Yangshupu Power Plant and Minhang Power Plant, in line with the state policy of “developing large units while shutting down small backward units” in China, which was involved in the auxiliary projects of Shanghai World Expo 2010. There are four 1000MW class coal-fired units in Shanghai, and Caojing Power Plant accounted for 50% of them, with the total installed capacity making up 9.33% of that in Shanghai. In the latest three years, Caojing Power Plant has paid taxes of 1.165 billion yuan, and has been among the top 50 industry taxpayers in Shanghai each year.


The power plant set up the preparatory labor union committee as early as in the project construction period. On July 26, 2011, following the commercial operation of the power plant, the first workers’ congress and the membership representative conference was held at the power plant, which announced the founding of the first labor union committee and labor union fund review committee, and thus the labor union of Caojing Power Plant was officially established. Led by the Party committee, the labor union was dedicated to the foundation work, and attempted to serve the staff and build up a harmonious enterprise.


In respect of foundation work, the labor union has been pushing forward democratic management on the platform of workers’ congress. The women workers’ committee and the democratic management committee were established, and the worker directors and worker supervisors were elected. The past workers’ congresses approved the Collective Labor Agreement, the Special Collective Contract for Wage Negotiation, and the Special Collective Contract for Protection of Women Workers’ Rights and Interests, actively collected proposals for workers’ congress and implemented them, while earnestly performing the function of protecting legal rights of labor union. Through the system building of workers’ congress, the labor union started from practice, positively carried out various forms of democratic management and monitoring, enriched the forms and channels of workers’ participation in democratic management, and contributed to the harmonious labor relations in the company. The labor union also formulated the Implementation Details of Plant Affairs Publicity, energetically explored and promoted the detailed contents and ways of major issue publicity including the company’s major policy decision, production and operation, leading group construction, Party’s work style construction and the other major issues concerning the workers’ vital interests. Through the democratic voting of the workers’ satisfaction evaluation, Caojing Power Plant was granted the title of “Shanghai Model Company of Harmonious Labor Relations and Employee Satisfaction” for 2012-2013 by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions.


In terms of serving the staff, the labor union has built up the platform for them to make contributions on the one hand, and on the other hand, has always placed people first and cared for the workers. Various types of labor competitions were held, such as special maintenance competition, anti-accident operation competition and central control simulator competition combined with the company’s practice. The labor union also actively organized teams to join in all kinds of professional skill competitions of SEP and the group company with good results, among which were first prize in the all-round and second prize in the individual fuel treatment competition of SPIC, second prize for deputy central control operator and first prize for the operation team in the 1000MW category of SPIC central control operator competition. Meanwhile, the labor union participated in a series of events such as the staff energy saving and emission reduction competition of Shanghai and the “Ankang Cup” competition by All China Federation of Trade Union, and won awards including the advanced individual for safety culture publicity work of the National “Ankang Cup” competition and the second prize in the national worker new safety production law knowledge contest. Through various labor competitions and skill contests, the workers’ learning enthusiasm has been improved and their professional skills also enhanced, and thus the platform was established for them to make contributions to the company. All levels of labor union organizations and officials communicated with the staff face to face centered on the theme of these events, listened to their voices, reflected their demands, improved the work initiative and pertinence; they talked with the staff and answered their questions like friends, in the hopes of solving practical difficulties for the masses. For example, the labor union actively conducted labor protection inspection, such as the summer heat-prevention work, staff labor protection, and the canteen food hygiene. The labor jointly with the company general affairs department and human resources department carried out the inspection, ensuring the maintenance and sterilization of air conditioning and ventilation equipment, the cleaning of all the drinking water machines in the production area and the office building, as well as purchase and distribution of cooling medicines and refreshing beverages, which provided a safe and healthy environment for all the staff in the company. Moreover, the labor union has paid attention to helping workers with special difficulties and sending holiday greetings, with the long-term mechanism of “Heart-warming Project”, covering families of the staff working outside Shanghai and abroad. The Party secretary and the general manager of the company visit front-line workers and their homes, which receives praises from the masses.


From the aspect of building harmonious enterprise, the labor union has made the best use of circumstances and carried forward the positive energy. They develop propaganda events on the latest situation and tasks, conveying the parent company’s spirit, leading the mass workers to implement tasks centered on the enterprise and pay attention to the interest of the whole. They choose the advanced figures from the masses, set them as examples and uphold the demonstration effect of model worker spirit and advanced characters, guide and encourage the mass workers to learn from these models and strive to emulate them, in order to cultivate good personality and professional quality of the staff. Various professional skill contests, collection of “gold ideas”, key technical problem solving events have emerged, the staff signed the position commitment, and a series of activities have improved the company’s management level, economic benefits and profitability. They positively conduct the standardized team construction, include it in normal management, make team study plans and publish team study monthly journal, strengthening the publicity. A variety of activities have been held, such as “safety month” event, seasonal safety inspection, special treatment on hidden danger trouble-shooting, “reasonable advice” event, competitions on minor indicators, and safety production standardized management event, aimed at helping the teams to reach the standard and build first-class teams. In addition, the labor union takes advantage of the limited resources to build the staff bookshop, launch reading activities, advocate “happy work, happy life”, cultivate an optimistic view of life and develop an enterprising and healthy mind of the staff. A total of seven art and sports associations were founded, which attracted a large number of workers to join in, and the members of these associations accounted for 60% of all the staff in the company. Thanks to these recreational and sports activities, the workers’ spare-time life has been greatly enriched, which in turn enhances the company’s cohesive and centripetal forces.


Caojing Power Plant Labor Union will continue to be the close friend of the staff and the servant of the company and play a better role of bridge. Spurred by the award of “National Model Staff Family”, the labor union will gather concerted mental and physical efforts to construct the power plant into a world-class coal-fired power plant.

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