From SPIC website: Waigaoqiao Power Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Electric Power winning the First Prize of CEC Workers’ Technological Achievements

The Program, “The Overall Influence of Energy-saving dispatching on Power Plants and Corresponding Countermeasure Study”, proposed by Waigaoqiao Power Co., Ltd. won the First Prize in the 2015 CEC Electric Workers’ Technological Achievement Annual Meeting (the 7th meeting).


The Waigaoqiao Power Co., Ltd., founded on May 8, 1996, was one of the important projects of the national “Eighth Five-year Plan”. It was also a project with 4 sets of 300MW generator units that attracted the most investment among the first batch of the ten infrastructure projects. Currently, the thermal power industry is facing major interests adjustment. To better follow the situations, the leading group analyses various adverse factors from external economic situations. For continuous improvement and efficient usage of current resources, the company aims at trending towards marker at minimum costs, achieving maximum economy and integrated resources application effects. Meanwhile, the company encourages the workers to develop innovative and working efficiency to create the company’s leaving space to better face the new situation and new tasks.

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