SPIC Website: SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant Passes ‘Good Standardizing Practice Enterprise’ AAAA Certification

From December 14-15, 2015, China Electricity Council (CEC) held a conference on the AAAA rating certification of “Good Standardizing Practice Enterprise” at SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant, chaired by Xu Songlin, Director of CEC Standardization Management Center.

The CEC panel conducted the overall examination on the standardization work of the power plant, by way of listening to the report, consulting reference, holding field survey as well as visiting relevant departments, and gave a high score of 479. As noted in the certification report, Waigaoqiao Power Plant paid high attention to standardization work, established standardization system, focused on the employee standardization awareness, with normal and reasonable standardization work, and reached the requirements of AAAA rating for “Good Standardizing Practice Enterprise” through the panel’s confirmation. It is advised that the power plant should further optimize the coordination of regulation and standard as well as the integration among multiple systems.

Thanks to the good advice on the standardization improvement work from the visiting panel, Waigaoqiao Power Plant will continue to carry out in-depth standardization work, create a new situation for standardization work, in order to effectively enhance management level and realize sustainable development.

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