From Shanghai Electric Power receiving a commendatory letter from Atlas Energy Resources, LLC (Turkey)

In order to thank all the staffs participating in the Atlas Operation and Maintenance Project for their excellent works as well the endeavors Shanghai Electric Power has made for the operation of Iskenderun Power Plant 2×600MW Coal-fired Unit as well as the corresponding supervising guidance and training the Company had provided, Atlas Energy Resources, LLC specially sent a commendatory letter to Shanghai Electric Power Co., ltd.


From October 2013 to the present day, the dedicated working attitude, superb technical levels and good services of Shanghai Electric Power have been highly regarded by the Turkish counterpart. In the unit commissioning stage, for benefits of the Employer, the Project participators of the Company exerted strict examinations on testing of equipment as the commissioning. In such processes, plenty of major risks of the equipment and the system had been spotted and raised. Such an examination ensured stable operation of the servicing devices and laid foundations for the safe unit running. After the two units had been put into service, the operating Company ensured the safe and continuous operation of the units through its rigorous working attitude, professional technical skills, careful adjustment and handling. In emergence of equipment and/or system operating problems or power unit trip, the workers would promptly recover the normal operation and assisted to generate good economic benefits. Atlas Energy Resources, LLC sincerely thanked Shanghai Electrical Power for their dedication and hopes to develop further operation if chances permit.

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