China Power Network: Shanghai Electric Power chosen in Chinese Enterprises in Africa


The first Chinese Enterprises in Africa 2015 (English version) was published officially in Oct. 2015. This book initiated by China Daily and China-Africa Business Council and sponsored by Central Africa Development Fund, whichtook two years to bring to the market through two years of joint effortsof the three parties mentioned above,is to present China-Africa economic and trade cooperation achievements, show good image of Chinese enterprises in Africa to the world, disseminate investment experience of Chinese enterprises in Africa, promote Chinese enterprises to “step in” Africa. This book summarizes the development experience and course of Chinese enterprises in Africa, involves energy, building, machinery, agriculture, aviation, production and processing and other industries, features wide coverage and strongly representative enterprises. Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd. was chosen successfully.


China-Tanzania strategic energy cooperation project, kown as Shanghai Electric Power Tanzania KIII Gas Turbine Power Station Project, which is an important support project of the Group Corporation to implement East Africa Strategy, also the first project of large-scale Chinese state-owned enterprises entering the energy field of Tanzania in investment mode, plays a role of window with significant demonstration effect. The company,Tanzania Projectcentered and adhereingto national “One Belt, One Road”strategy, spreads influence in East Africa and even the entire Africa. During the project construction, the company will bring advanced technology and managerial expertise of the Group Corporation in planning, design, construction, operation management and environmental protection of power stations into Tanzania andpromote Chinese technology and equipment to set up Chinese brand, so both Chinese side and Tanzanian side get win-win in investment, construction and long-term operation. After the project is constructed, it will become another China-Tanzania Friendship Monument in succession to Tanzam Railway and Tanzania National Stadium .

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