SPIC Website: SEP Receives Commendatory Letter from Turkey Atlas Energy Company

Turkey Atlas Energy Company sends a commendatory letter to SEP, in order to appreciate the outstanding performance of SEP staffs in the Atlas Operation & Maintenance Project, and the great efforts of SEP in the operation, maintenance, supervision, instruction and training of 2×600MW Iskenderun Coal-Fired Power Plant,.


Since October 2013 until now, the good working style, superb technical level, excellent service attitude of SEP Operation Company are highly accepted by Turkey side. At the units commissioning stage, the company controls each link of the equipment commissioning progress from the standpoint of the owner, finds out and puts forward major hidden troubles on equipments and systems, guarantees health level of the unit equipment in operation, which lays a solid foundation for safe operation of the units. After two units put into operation, Operation Company shows rigorous working attitude, outstanding technical level and elaborate adjustment and operation, which guarantees continuous and safe operation of the units. In addition, when there’re problems occurred in equipment or system and unit trips, the company restores them against the clock, creates good economic benefits. For this purpose, Turkey Atlas Energy Company expresses sincere gratitude to the hard work of SEP and hopes further cooperation in the future.

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