SPIC Website: SEP Fights Super Typhoon Chan-Hom

According to the National Meteorological Center, Chan-Hom, the first super typhoon since this year, would land on the coastal regions of Zhejiang and Fujian provinces on July 9 2015. On the following day, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau elevated Typhoon Emergency Response to Level I. Continuous heavy rain and strong winds posed a great threat to the safety production of SEP.

In compliance with the spirit of SPIC videophone conference on safety production on July 2, 2015, SEP has been insisting on the working policy of “Safety First, Precaution Crucial”. Through advance planning and careful preparation, its subsidiaries and affiliated power plants including Caojing Power Plant, Changxing Island Power Plant and Luojing Power Plant, all successfully withstood the test of this super typhoon.

Based on SEP’s Hidden Danger Inspection Management Regulation for Safety Production, Caojing Power Plant conducted all-round troubleshooting on flood control facilities such as color plate, thermal insulation, cable bridge cover plate, windshield of thermal control components and drainage system, with the ongoing “safety production month” activities. In addition, the power plant conducted several special inspections on rainwater pipe network inspection wells, 753 catch-basin and 88 bilge wells, in which all the hidden dangers have been completely rectified. For rainstorm and waterlogging prevention, all the sewage sumps, drain pits and wastewater pools have been remained in low water level. To ensure safety and availability, the power plant conducted regular trial running on submerged pumps of sewage pump house, drainage in production area, rainwater pumping station and fresh water pump house. They also reserved adequate sandbags and submerged pumps, and purchased rain boots and raincoats, assigned staff responsible for the above materials.
Changxing Island Power Plant actively paid special attention to on-site inspection, strengthening troubleshooting on key areas including low water level spots inside the plant, unit maintenance area, 220kV overhead line tower, river way outside the plant and rainwater discharging well. The power plant conducted a total of 4 safety inspections on site, 2 inspections at night, which ensured timely detection and treatment of existing problems. All working at height and outdoor operation have been suspended, scaffolds on the C-class maintenance site strengthened, the management of both disassembled equipment parts and thermal insulation materials reinforced, in order to achieve safe and orderly operation. The power plant strictly implemented information reporting system, strengthened contacts with the government and its parent company to reach “flattened” information.

Luojing Power Plant organized production department leaders to conduct inspection on areas prone to waterlogging such as cable tunnel and ventilation shaft, confirm drainage pump conditions one by one to ensure all works well. The power plant formulated personnel duty schedule during the typhoon period, strictly implemented leaders in position system, reinforced shift on duty, and strengthened command and coordination on site. All the protective measures including flood-control materials, equipments and fire troops are required to stand by at anytime.
During the typhoon Chan-Hom period, there was no personal injury or equipment accident within SEP. Thus, SEP obtained the first victory in fighting against typhoon this year.

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