Labour Daily: SEP Changxing Island Power Plant Builds Comprehensive Energy Supply Industrial Chain

Since June 2015, Shanghai Changxing Island No. 2 Power Plant has been positively implementing comprehensive energy service projects like PV generation and distributed energy supply, which won affirmation and praise from Changxing Island Development Office and Marine Equipment Industry Park, as one solid step to become a comprehensive energy supplier.

As the only energy production supplier, Changxing Island No.2 Power Plant actively works for the construction of marine equipment island and ecological island. Since the official approval of Changxing Island Centralized Heating Subject Plan (2012-2020) in 2013, the power plant has installed heating pipelines of 15km in the island, making effort to improve existing heating capacity and expand heat supply network. This year, it has planned to install solar energy system on the roof firstly and realize power supply by solar generation. From the next year, the power plant will carry out three comprehensive energy service projects of “Rooftop Solar Power, Distributed Energy Supply and Centralized Energy Supply” in the island gradually.
Chen Bo, deputy director of Changxing Island Development Office, stated that specialized, high-efficient and ecological comprehensive energy services are in line with the national industry policy and the development of Changxing Island as marine equipment island. Comprehensive energy services should insist on the principle of “government domination and enterprise operation”. The project planning should be made in advance with all-round consideration in order to achieve a win-win situation of both social and corporate benefits.
Leveraging SEP’s advantages of technology, talents and capital in the field of comprehensive energy services, Changxing Island Power Plant will actively integrate into the construction of Eco-Changxing, devoted to forging a comprehensive energy supply industry chain of “PV Generation, Distributed Energy Supply and Centralized Energy Supply”.

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