SPIC Website: An Intro to SEP Waigaoqiao Power Plant ‘Chen Jianzhong Model Worker Innovation Workshop’

Chen Jianzhong Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Model Worker Innovation Workshop at SEP Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd., named after Deputy Chief Engineer Chen Jianzhong, the winner of National May 1 Labor Medal, was established in August 2013. The workshop insists on realizing “Four Transformation” development strategy, by means of science and technology innovation, focusing on the process, radiation effect and result conversion, which effectively contributes to cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and creates good economic and social benefits. In April 2015, the workshop was nominated as one of the three employee innovation workshops for the first batch by SPIC Group.
Building High Ground of Talents, Constructing Fortress of Surmounting Technical Difficulties
Since its establishment, the model worker innovation workshop has put forward the principle of “Close to Production, On-the-job Innovation”, and actively encouraged the workshop members to create templates for employee innovation and produce results in energy conservation and emission reduction. Therefore, all the members are required to possess certain professional strength and specialization. For this purpose, the leading group of Waigaoqiao Power Plant provided high-level support, offering technical leaders and young technical experts of all production departments to the workshop. With a galaxy of business and technical backbones, the workshop has overcome many difficulties in the production and business process, producing a series of results, which has improved the innovation capability of the staff. Currently, the workshop has nine main members, including four with senior professional titles, two with intermediate titles, two senior technicians and one technician. Among them, seven have bachelor’s degree or above, including four with master’s degree in engineering, and the rest two have college degree. In terms of age, two are above 45 years old, six are between 35-45 years old and one is under 35 years old. In brief, this is a multi-level innovation-oriented talent team with high skills and good quality. Meanwhile, under the leadership of the workshop, several innovation work groups were established one after another, such as Power Generation Task Group, Coal Blending Combustion Task Group, and Station Service Power Consumption Rate Reduction Task Group, which enabled the company to explore potentials and improve profitability.
Standardizing Operation Mechanism, Deepening Innovation Concept
As an innovation group, the model worker innovation workshop set a series of standards including clear sign, fixed place, complete facilities, sound system, detailed account, obvious effect. The members of the workshop have strong team spirit. However, in order to avoid the embarrassing situation of “innovation for innovation’s sake”, the workshop has made clear its working mode of “Three Determination”, which is, to determine systems, subjects and tasks, with the supporting system of “Project Initialization Management” and “Project Evaluation”, which were put up in the workshop, focusing on the difficulties encountered in the production process by the company, in the hopes of making the innovation objective and specialized direction clearer, and the operation mechanism more normalized. To further expand influence and attraction, the workshop holds innovation technology seminar on a regular basis, where the members take turns to give lectures, and invite the specialists from various production departments to participate in. Regular academic research and discussion lead to the maximization of information resource sharing. Combined with the situation of company production and operation, the key research project for the next year will be presented and determined, which effectively broaden the influence of the workshop and promote the deepening of innovation concept.
Solving Practical Problems, Creating Enterprise Benefits
In recent years, due to the industry policy of encouraging large-capacity units with low energy consumption, 300MW-class units have been perplexed with a series of factors including reducing energy consumption, lowering emission, optimizing station service power consumption rate and cutting power generation costs. Since its startup, the workshop has been playing a pioneering role in technology innovation and developing several innovation research projects, which won both enterprise and social benefits. “The Application Research on Large-scale Thermal Power Units Optimizing Maintenance Strategy and Technology” won the second prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award. The lignite upgrading and briquetting project, derived from the research project on multi-coal blended combustion, was nominated the title of “Worker Pioneer” in the national energy chemistry system. In the meantime, the workshop emphasizes on research result conversion, and most research results have been effectively applied to the company’s production practice, with good economic and social benefits. Among them, “Thermal Power Generating Units Energy Conservation Benchmarking Optimization System” helped the company save 5000 tons of standard coal per year, “Series of Energy Conservation Transformation Optimization Technology” has effectively reduced station service power consumption rate, saving 4000 tons of standard coal equivalent annually, and “Safety and Environmental Protection Power Generation Technology on Blended Combustion of Low Calorific Value Coal” saved fuel cost of around 50 million RMB for the company in 2013.
Strengthening Radiation Effect, Boosting Talent Incubation
As an old Chinese saying goes, it is spring only when all the flowers are blooming. The model worker innovation workshop not only keeps learning and digging into new technology, but also positions itself as the locomotive and engine of the company’s technology innovation system, devoted to enhancing its own radiation and leading power. On the one hand, the workshop keeps all the successful innovation cases and essays on file, for the reference of all the members, which enables the group to grow very fast, producing a number of excellent talents. For example, Lu Jianfeng, the youngest member of the group, integrated the technology innovation the actual production, and completed his dissertation on master of engineering, which brought himself to a new theoretical level, and also helped him win the “May 4 Youth Medal” of SEP in 2013. Another example is Huang Cheng, shift chief from the production department, who concentrated on improving his own skills, leveraging the results from the workshop, and finally won the second place in the Shanghai Electric Power Engineering Association Skill Operation Contest and was selected as the “Skill Leader” of SEP in 2013. On the other hand, Chen Jianzhong actively expands the scale of cultivating youth talents, passing on his own technical skills and know-how to the young staff, in order to further boosting the radiation effect, improve the technical quality of the staff, leading more and more staff to take initiate, start small and innovate. Consequently, Chen has become the leading figure of “Popular Innovation” of the company, and he also succeeded in cultivating a new generation of model worker, Chen Qiulin.
Innovation is the key to sustained development both for the nation and the enterprise. At the time of pushing forward “Popular Innovation” at the new normal of Chinese economy, Chen Jianzhong Model Worker Innovation Workshop needs to give full play to its mentoring and tutoring functions and expand the brand effect, leveraging this outstanding group to make more innovation, create more efficiency and accomplishments for Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd., and providing robust technology support for SEP’s “Four Transformation” strategy. It is foreseeable that the pace of “Building Another SEP Overseas” will be more calm and graceful along with the relentless development of the workshop.

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