China Power Investment Website: 270-Million Photovoltaic Power Plant Invested by SEP and Shanghai Foxin

    On November 5, SEP announced the new energy project progress. The wholly owned subsidiary of SEP, Shanghai Electric Power New Energy plans to cooperate with Shanghai Foxin to develop a PV project in Inner Mongolia.

    The project is located in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The contemplated capacity is 200 MW, and the current scale of construction is 30 MW. Shanghai Electric Power New Energy and Shanghai Foxin invested 75% and 25% respectively in this project and the dynamic investment is about 270 million Yuan.

    In addition, the PV project in Jiangsu invested by Shanghai Electric Power New Energy started to producing electricity. This PV project is located in Feng County, Xuzhou, Jiangsu. Shanghai Electric Power New Energy holds 75% equity in this project. The installed capacity is 9.8 MW. The project is expected to produce electricity that can be used for 1101 hours and produce about 11.42 million kWh every year on average. After completion, the project will receive price subsidies of 1.2 Yuan/kWh in Jiangsu province.

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