China Power Investment Website: Shanghai Electric Power Workers ' Sports Meeting Closed Successfully

    On November 22, Shanghai Electric Power held the Second workers’ sports meeting and broadcast gymnastics competition closing ceremony was held at the Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd. The representative teams from SEP, the Group and other affiliated companies, including other athletes and referees attended the closing ceremony. There were a total of about 250 people.

    With inspiring marching song, the 15 teams entered the race course one by one, raising the curtain of this sports meeting. All the athletes are in high spirits and showed the passion, energy and healthy mentality of the employees in SEP and other companies affiliated to the Group.

    With the end of the broadcast gymnastics competition, the last item but one on theatrical programmes was on show one by one---gas volleyball finals, finals badminton and table tennis finals. A total of four participating teams participated in the competition.After intense competition, the team from Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd, won the champion in gas volleyball; the team from Wujing Power Generation Co., Ltd won the runner-up; the team from SEP Engineering Company won the champion in Ping-pang competition; the team from Waigaoqiao Power Generation Co., Ltd won the runner-up in Ping-pang; the team from Waigaoqiao Power Generation won the champion in badminton while the team from Tianji Power Plant Of Huaihu Coal &Power Co., Ltd rewarded the silver medal.

    Followed by the competition was the awarding ceremony. Being the No. 1 in group score, the teams from Waigaoqiao Power Generation won the champion in the second workers’ sports meeting. The teams from SEP engineering company and Wujing Thermal Power Plant won the second and third place respectively. The teams from SEP Operating Company, Yangshupu Power Plant, Caojing Power Generation Caojing, Minhang Power Plants and China Power Investment won the High Morality Prize.

    At last, Mr. Wang Guoliang, former president of the Labor Union delivered a closing statement. He said that SEP Labor Union will make capitalize this opportunity and continue to carry out the national fitness campaign, promote and enhance the public’s awareness in physical exercise and set off fitness craze. On this basis, SEP will establishextensive exchanges with fraternal units work with each other to develop sports culture spaceexplore sports culture resources and enable the spread of sports culture among the employees. The sporting games help to cultivate the collective spirit of the workers and promote “higher, faster and stronger” national sporting spirit. Besides, they also promote the friendship among the fraternal units and employees, the cohesion gets enhanced, and the employees have a chance to show their talents in sports. All employees and cadres in SEP shall strive to develop the spirit of “diligence, hard-working and carefulness” and actively participate in sports, build strong physique and make contribution to the harmonious development and glory of SEP.

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