China Power Investment Website: Xinjiang Hami Gas Turbine Power Plant, Invested by SEP, was Approved by the State

    The other days, the gas turbine power plant, invested by SEP and HamiXuanli Gas Power Generation Company, was approved by Xinjiang government and the State Development and Reform Commission.

    This project includes 2 sets of 9E grade gas - steam combined cycle generating plants and 2 sets of 6B grade gas - steam combined cycle power plants, and the total installed capacity amounts to 493 megawatts. Through study and demonstration, SEP experts believe that the gas calorific value and flow design of Hami project substantially match the parameters of the power generation units in SEP Luojing Power Plant. In order to make full use of the existing equipments, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost and improve the target returns, SEP will lease the combustion engines to Hami project, so as to maximize the power efficiency and the economic benefits. Moreover, the project also uses coal waste gas to generate electric power, greatly improving the efficiency of resource utilization. This is a typical circular economy and energy-saving project. Therefore, it received strong support from the local government and related state authorities.

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