CPI website: Tianji Power Plant Overhauled Four Units of Generators during the National Day

    The other days, Tianji Power Plant mobilized technicians, made good dispatch, work closely with each other and implemented the previously-designed measures to overhauled four units of generator within 10 ten days, ensuring the stable and safe utilization of electric power during the peak period.

    Two units of generators were put into operation no longer than six months, so they are still in run-in period. It was the first time that they had overhauled four units simultaneously. They were pressed for time and the overhaul involved a great number of complex maintenance. So this overhaul was a big challenge.

    Before the overhaul, Tianji Power Plant called a Mobilization Meeting. The management adopted the principle of ‘high standard, strict requirement, meticulous management and pragmatic work’. Besides, Management Measures during Overhaul was prepared, overhaul task force was established, goal was set up, labor division was made, and safety, quality and progress management measures were adopted. In the overhaul coordination task force, the production director acted as the task force head and was responsible for the detailed work and the time limit. In order to ensure the overhaul would be finished within the time limit, the management held a coordination meeting every day to properly and timely solve all kinds of unexpected emergencies. This ensured the safety and quality of the overhaul and put the overhaul in control.

    Within just 10 days, Tianji Power Plant finished the overhaul and technical innovation, safely and efficiently. This laid the foundation for achieving the goal of 2014.

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