CPI Website: SEP Was Selected as 2013 Shanghai Safety Production Unit

On February 17, SEP got 97 points in the 2013 annual safety production performance assessment organized by Shanghai Safety Production Commission Office, being the first grade (three stars) (the highest grade), selected as the 2013 Shanghai safety production unit.

Over the past year, all the employees conscientiously implemented the series of safety production instructions made by CPI and Shanghai municipal government, carried out the safety production responsibility rules, made great efforts to construct QHSE management system and achieved initial fruits. SEP has carried out in a deep-going way safety production including safety inspection. The safety production situation of the whole past year was stable and had won the recognition of Shanghai municipal government.

At the beginning of 2014, SEP focuses on QHSE management system implementation and continuous improvement, refines safety production objectives, firmly holds the awareness of safety production, stresses the safety production performance assessment weights and further implements the safety production system at all levels. SEP pays more attention on controlling ‘non-planned stop’ and ‘non-planned reduction’, promote the practical application of JSA, strengthens the safety and standardized management of machine maintenance (transformation) and guarantees the ‘development, profitability and harmony’ with good safety performance.

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