Shanghai Electric Power won the 2013 Top Ten China's Reform and Innovation Unit

    Recently, ‘Tongneng International: Chinese Reform and Economic and Enterprise Development Forum &2013 China Reform Figure Tour Event’, co-sponsored by China Reform Daily, China Economic Information & Agency, China Agricultural Film and Television Center, was held in Beijing. Shanghai Electric Power won the 2013 Top Ten China's reform and innovation unit; the company Chairman Wang Yundan won the 2013 China's reform people of the Year . Xinhua, BEIJING, CCTV network,, China Daily, Sohu, Netease and other more than a dozen media report this tour event.

    In recent years, Shanghai Electric Power takes all its efforts to achieve sustainable development on the basis of ‘efficiency improvement on existing power generation units, pursue the path of new energy development, implement main businesses abroad and realize industrial expansion and profitability’. These efforts do achieve outstanding results.

    SEP is actively adhering to the philosophy of "offer green energy to serve the public" and insisting on environmental protection by scientific and technological innovation, promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of business and society and the environment, spare no efforts to develop clean energy and recycling economy, take energy mitigation actions throughout the whole process of structural adjustment, increase investment in environmental protection and energy-saving technology, management innovation. Thus, achieving good economic value, it better fulfills its social responsibility, showing the image of ‘New state-owned enterprises’. Furthermore, in this area, it continues to explore and accumulate useful experience for the China Power Investment Group and make a greater contribution to formulate ‘three steps’ strategy, resource-saving and environment-friendly world-class integrated energy group.

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