Operation promotes transition and loyalty promotes development

- Wang Yundan, Chairman of CPI Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd.  

Jan. 10th, 2013 14:35   Source: periodical office of China Economic Information 

Reason for award: 

After holding the new post in Shanghai, Wang Yundan was devoted to making 8000 employees in Shanghai Electric Power maintain the energetic spirit and focusing on the strategic development of Shanghai Electric Power wholeheartedly. Only after just one year, the company scale changed thoroughly, and its total profit and net profit both set new records.  

Expert Comments:  

Under the leadership of Comrade Wang Yundan, Shanghai Electric Power won the 2011 "May Day" Labor Certificate, and the company leadership team was rated as "four- good team" by the SASAC. The million-level units of its subordinate Caojing Power Generating Company were awarded the National Gold Medal for High-Quality Project and the Gold Medal of Thirty-Year Classic Project.  

Wang Yundan, male and born in 1960, is a CCP member and postgraduate from Shanghai University of Finance, with an EMBA degree granted. He started to work in 1983 and has successively served as district and municipal-level Director General of Power Supply Bureau of Shanghai Electric Power Company, Chief of Science and Technology Division of State Grid, Director of Planning Division of China Power Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Group Company") (bureau-level). In July 2011, he was transferred to the post of Party Secretary and General Manager of Eastern China Branch of China Power Investment Corporation, and Party Secretary as well as Chairman of Shanghai Electric Power Incorporated Company (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Electric Power").  

I. Double harvests of both enterprise economic value and social value 

After assuming office in Shanghai Electric Power, Comrade Wang Yundan always infected his workmates with his passionate dedication to his career, influenced his colleagues with his pragmatic working style, inspired his followers with his innovative spirit, and united and led the company leadership team with his extensive leadership experience and magnanimous mind. With the firm leadership of the Group Company, relying on the cadres and ordinary staff, he was able to devote himself to the successful transformation of the century-old power generation enterprise, Shanghai Electric Power, wholeheartedly committed to maintaining the high spirits of 8,000 members of staff of Shanghai Electric Power, and focused on strategic development of Shanghai Electric Power. With only one year, thoroughly-remolded changes have taken place to the company size. Although the coal prices rose sharply in 2011, yet both the gross profit and net profit of the company hit the new records. In 2012, impacted by significant increase of external power supply influx into Shanghai and slight increase of social electricity consumption, electricity generating capacity of Shanghai Electric Power took a beating. However, by the end of November, a total profit of more than 1 billion Yuan was achieved, a year-on-year increase of more than 500 million Yuan, and the net profit attributable to the holding company increased by nearly 400 million Yuan than a year earlier. The economy added rate (EVA ratio) was 2.54%, a year-on-year increase of 1.22 percent; the asset-liability ratio was 69.65%, a year-on-year reduction of 2.16 percent; the power-supply coal consumption in 2011 was 297.79 g / kWh, a year-on-year decrease of 14.7 g / kWh; the power-supply coal consumption from January 2012 to November was 292.08 g / kWh, a year-on-year decrease of 6.3 g / kWh; the comprehensive power consumption rate from January 2012 to November was 5.23%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.22 percent. With vigorous advocacy of Comrade Wang Yundan, Shanghai Electric Power has increased technological investment in environmental protection. In the field of PM2.5 fine particles governance, bag-type dust extraction and wet-method dust extraction, he was "the first to eat crab” in the country's coal-fired power generation circle, and broke obstacles in structural emission reduction, project emission reduction and management emission reduction. By the end of 2012, reduced soot emission had reached 810 tons, a year-on year decrease of 46 percent; reduced sulfur dioxide emission had reached 9795 tons, a year-on year decrease of 49.80 percent; reduced nitrogen oxides emission had reached 11,317 tons, a year-on year decrease of 25.3%.


Led by Comrade Wang Yundan, Shanghai Electric Power won the 2011 "May Day" Labor Certificate, and the company leadership team was honored as “four- good team" by the SASAC. The million-level units of its subordinate Caojing Power Generation Company were awarded the National Gold Medal for High-Quality Project and the Gold Medal of Thirty- Year Classic Project.  

II. Thoroughly-remolded change of the century-old enterprise  

After assuming office, Comrade Wang Yundan personally conducted in-depth investigations in various grassroots units of Shanghai Electric Power, and put forward a series of values and methodologies well received by cadres and ordinary staff. For example, he made the policy of providing opportunities to those who are willing to work, setting up a stage for those who are competent, rewarding those who have special skills, and honoring those who succeed in their business. By reforming distribution mechanism, workers creating incremental values have been truly rewarded with incremental revenue, really reflecting the purpose of sharing the fruit, through high-quality operation and aggressive development of the enterprise, with the broad workers. With his great efforts, the staff performance management system, with the characteristics of "value management being the means, value creation being the goal and KPI being the evaluation tool" has initially taken shape in Shanghai Electric Power. With his personal practice, the spirit of "by all manner of means, overcoming all hardships and a thousand words" and the ideology of "being smooth on the surface, but firm at heart", have become the spiritual power and effective means for the broad management personnel, especially management cadres at all levels, to improve efficiency and promote development. In combination with the "twelfth five-year" development plan of Shanghai Electric Power, Comrade Wang Yundan proposed to transform Shanghai Electric Power into a world-class integrated energy company, which will stand at the highest point of technology and talent, keep a foothold in Shanghai, aim at Eastern China, and explore overseas markets. Meanwhile, he drew a blueprint that around the "three-step" strategies of the Group Company, Shanghai Electric Power will strive to achieve the "four transformations". Firstly, elementary transformation from large-scale use of traditional energy sources to simultaneous use of clean and efficient energy as well as new energy. As the largest power company in Shanghai, Shanghai Electric Power takes the measures of "developing the large capacity units and sifting out the smaller one" and entirely weeds out the units with high coal consumption, small capacity and outdated equipment. The large capacity, low-emission and highly-efficient units, mainly represented by the two one million-kilowatt units in the first phase of Caojing (two 1.2 million- kilowatt units in the second phase) and one 0.6 million- kilowatt units of Tianji Power Generation Plant (two 0.66 million-kilowatt units in the second phase), have become backbones of Shanghai Electric Power. On the basis of accelerating structural upgrading of capacity of coal power units, Shanghai Electric Power has made breakthroughs in such new energy field as wind power, solar photovoltaic power generation and distributed energy supply. The total wind power will reach 241.5 MW, and PV will amount to 117 MW. Besides, in-depth exploration has been made in IGCC (integrated gasification combining cycle power generation system) clean coal-fired power generation field. Secondly, elementary transfer from an ordinary listed company to the most important financing platform within the Group Company. In 2012, Shanghai Electric Power was listed in AAA credit ratings for the first time. As a result, it successfully issued 1.5 billion Yuan short-term financing bonds with 4.82% full costs. The improved financial situation gives further play to its influence in the capital market and has laid foundation for sustainable development; Thirdly, elementary extending its business as a simplex thermal power enterprise to upstream and downstream industries. To meet the requirements of industrial structure adjustment, in addition to the supply of electrical energy, Shanghai Electric Power also speeds up the transformation of operation and development mode. Relying on inherent advantages in talent, technology and operational management, Shanghai Electric Power is expanding its business in the energy service market, for example, power plant management, operation, repair and maintenance. Fourthly, elementary transformation from strong reliance on domestic resources to balanced reliance on both domestic and overseas resources. Under the circumstances where domestic economic growth demands more resources and global resource monopoly is continuously intensified, the basic strategy to solve resource bottlenecks is "to be based on domestic market and actively explore overseas market". In terms of company development, it simultaneously explores both the domestic and overseas markets, and actively seeks high-parameter and large capacity high-quality projects in agreement with the power development trend. What's more, it carries out technological innovation and pilot tests on these projects. Iraq Wassit project, and Kalimantan coal mine and hydropower projects in Eastern Indonesia, have been started. The 0.15-million-ton lignite quality-improving molding technology has passed validation, which lays a solid foundation for implementation of the 3-million-ton lignite quality-improving project in Australia.

Other projects, such as the projects in Turkey, the United States, Japan and other countries, are being carried out as planned.  

III. Establishment of the modern enterprise management system and a team fighting for victory

Both old colleagues working for many years with Comrade Wang Yundan and people once keeping working contact with Comrade Wang Yundan, are infected by his resolute, efficient and practical working style, and also moved by his loyalty that he is always ready to share the burdens of the higher authorities and the enterprise, and act for the sake of workers. Influenced by his working style, the broad cadres and workers in Shanghai Electric Power are increasingly demonstrating unprecedented positive energy, which is being transformed into the positive force to promote transformation and development. Comrade Wang Yundan attaches great importance to team development, and shows particular concerns with the cultivation of cadre team. He is strict with cadres of the company. He often stresses that "habitual regulation violation by cadres is not allowed, and cadres' habitual ignorance of regulation violation is especially not allowed.” He is always the first to observe whatever he requires on the cadres. He always appears, within the shortest time, at the scene where fighting against typhoons or fighting against summer flood peak (fighting against winter water shortage) is going on; he always shuttles between the domestic and overseas construction sites, without a single stop; he always appears in the control room every day to know the latest production situation; he always spares time to communicate with governmental sectors, grid companies and cooperation parties concerned. For the enterprise and staff, he shows deep affection and love. He is quite familiar with situations of each subordinate unit. His concern for the workmates is so detailed that even the canteen food situation as well as living and working condition of those working abroad, is not missed in his concerns.

Exerting his utmost effort to promote transformation and devoting his loyalty to promoting the development. As the head who takes charge of the enterprise with 7.16 million - kilowatt capacity and leads the eight thousand cadres and workers, Comrade Wang Yundan is also the first to bear the pressures from the market, environmental protection and development, and profit earning. However, being a senior corporate manager and a clean-fingered communist, he has no regrets and doesn't weigh personal gains and losses. He has devoted all to his beloved power generation cause, the enterprise and his members of staff!

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