Youth Daily: An Azalea Bloomed in the Minds of Children

Azalea Hardship-aid and Student Aid Campaign Launched by Young Employees of Shanghai Electric Power Co., Ltd.

No matter in the schools for migrant workers' children in Shanghai, or primary schools in the remote villages in Anhui and Jiangxi, there will be a team of volunteers there, which provide with timely assistant for students of poor families to continue their study. The T-shirts dressed by those volunteers are printed with the same mark-a smiling Azalea.

Azalea Hardship-aid and Student Aid Campaign is the brand volunteer project of the East China Branch of China Power Investment Corporation. The Youth League Committee of Shanghai Electric Power, as the East China substation of Azalea volunteers, was founded in Oct. 2010. Currently, there are 118 volunteers, aiming at transmitting the volunteerism of “shouldering the responsibility, keeping the mission deep in the mind, raising hope and transmitting love”.

 Cheng Chen, a young employee of Waigaoqiao Power Plant of Shanghai Electric Power, is one of Azalea volunteers. Despite of a series of public benefit activities being highly praised, Cheng Chen said frankly that he was also growing in the process of constant apperception and gaining. He said that “there is a Xinnong Primary School next to the power plant I serve; all the students attending the school are children of rural migrant workers. I just want to make my contributions to help students to study in the neighborhood; however, after learning the situation, I find that this school suffers difficult condition, in need of aid in many aspects; most of students there are coming from poor families, in need of help.”

 When learning that students of Xinnong Primary School couldn’t have classes of PE due to the demission of PE teacher, volunteers immediately offered themselves to acting as the temporary PE teacher. “We lead students of Grade 2 to play the games of Tie-bing-zi and Shooting Wild Duck”, who are playing crazy. Then we learn that they just run and take exercises in their former PE classes, but playing little games which are very common to us.” When looking at those children playing extremely on the rough cement playground with volunteers, Cheng Chen said with emotion: “those children shall not be ignored. I think I’m responsible to avoid them from coming apart from the society. I hope that they can feel that there are many people in Shanghai caring about them.” Today, the East China Branch of Azalea has formed a pair with Xinnong Primary School, set Azalea Scholarship in the school, provided with school supplies and teaching facilities for those children and launched a series of student aid activities.

Since its establishment, the Youth League Committee of Shanghai Electric Power has been constantly improving the volunteering work of Azalea, formulating Detailed Rules and Regulations on Azalea Volunteer Service, standardizing the management of volunteers and hardship-aid funds and carefully selecting the aid objects, with over 360 students of poor families being funded. Through the love outreach of Azalea student aid, young League members of Shanghai Electric Power have given full play to the volunteerism of “using love, being patient and loving carefully”, leading to the constant blooming Azalea. 


“There are lots of people in the society in need of help and caring. Through the volunteering activities, I have gained much, enjoying the sense of achievement.” Cheng Chen said, “If the Chinese dream is the dream of each Chinese, then I hope that the efforts made by the team of Azalea will be able to help those kids lighten the kindling of dream and achieve their dreams.” This sentence has spoken the heartfelt wish of many volunteers.

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