Shanghai Electric Power set a goal of taking the lead in becoming an internationally first-rate energy enterprise


Source: Shanghai Electric Power     Writer:       Date: Jan. 30th, 2013

In the past few days, Shanghai Electric Power held the 2013 job meeting and second session fifth workers’ conference, carefully conveyed and learned the group company’s spirit of 2013 job meeting, further made the challenge of management in 2013 and a period later in future clear, adjusted the structure to promote the transformation, and kept increasing to realize the sustainable development, so as to achieve the goal of establishing the internationally first-rate energy enterprise in the group system.

In 2013, Shanghai Electric Power was determined to implement the arrangement of group’s working conference, and deeply understood “double-double” of group, namely, double increase of quality and benefit as well as double breakthrough of reform and development. It insisted on promoting the transformation and upgrading, regulating the layout and structural configuration as well as upholding the industrial harmonious development with more positive attitude, so as to give full play to the platform effect of listed company, keep the appropriate development rhythm, keep increasing the development efficiency and benefit as well as improve the core competitive advantage and sustainable development capacity. It made efforts to conduct the following work well: firstly, make efforts to grasp the management of stock assets, emphasize the safe and environmentally blending combustion of brown coal; secondly, take full advantage of all power generation opportunities and the higher marginal benefit in Shanghai, strives for every kilowatt hour; thirdly, liquidize the remnant assets; fourthly, actively operate the capital market well, further give play to the effect of listed company as the financing platform; fifthly, develop the overseas projects well unswervingly; sixthly, firmly grasp the construction of Tianji Stage-II and strive for Caojing Stage-II, Minhang gas turbine project and IGCC project; seventhly, give play to the effect of employees as the master in the state-owned enterprise, encourage them to make more endeavors to earn more; eighthly, form the “large party building” system, promote the enterprise cultural construction and the company brand, and take the lead in building an internationally first-rate energy enterprise in the group system.

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