Shanghai Electric Power promoted the precision management steadily and created the new production record

Source: Shanghai Electric Power   Writer:     Date: Mar. 7th, 2013

Up to Mar. 4th, Shanghai Electric Power realized the continuous safety production for 1000 days and broke through the historic record; it has initiated the new situation for the safe and stable operation of power plant, equipment and personnel.

In the past three years, Shanghai Electric Power closely focused on the working policy of “safety first, prevention first”, firmly established the group company’s safety philosophy of “all accidents can be avoided”, and kept insisting on the guiding ideology of people first and “safety means benefit”. It regarded the establishment of excellent power generation business activities as the platform, took the opportunity of carrying out the safety evaluation in a deep-going way, started from keeping increasing the whole staffs’ safety responsibility consciousness and safety training technical quality, and boosted the delicacy management solidly, so as to keep tamping the safety production basis.

Especially since this year, the company has closely focused on “four transformations”, implemented the safety production work, and suited the remedy to the case aimed at the weak links in the safety management, so as to strengthen the equipment remediation and employee skill training, which has effectively strengthened the awareness of saving energy, reducing cost and optimizing the operation mode as well as ensured the long-term safe production of enterprise and the good result of operation target.

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