Shanghai Electric Power signed the strategic cooperation agreement with GE a few days ago

Source: China Industry News    Writer:      Date: Feb. 20th, 2013

In the past few days, GE Company and Shanghai Caojing Cogeneration Co., Ltd. renewed the contractual service agreement about the second overhaul period, and reached a consensus on the first settlement of the internationally advanced project of upgrading and rebuilding the dry-type low-nitrogen combustion system in Asia. At the same time, Shanghai Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., which was subordinate to Shanghai Electric Power, also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with GE.

The contractual service agreement signed this time covers two GE9FA gas turbines used by Combined Cycle Power Plant of single unit 400MW-level in Shanghai Caojing Cogeneration Co., Ltd. This power plant supplies the vapor for Shanghai Chemical Industrial Zone, with the electric power transported to the local power grid.

The viability of the renewed contractual service agreement is eight to ten years in the future. It’s the first time for Chinese customers to renew the contractual service agreement for the second overhaul life of power plant operation. The agreement is aimed at providing predictable maintenance expenditures, ensuring the efficient and reliable operation of equipments, and guaranteeing stable income of power plant.

As the largest cogeneration facility in Shanghai, Caojing Cogeneration Plant completed the upgrading of dry-type low-nitrogen combustion system, with the emission level of nitric oxide reduced from 25ppm per cubic meter to 10~15ppm.

It is reported that the dry-type low-nitrogen combustion system is the most advanced combustion technology suitable for GE9F series of gas turbine, and in the upgraded version, the system stability is enhanced, with less emission and loss, and the interval of maintenance period is also prolonged. At the same time, after upgrading, the software package in the system can provide the real-time automatic adjustment and control the flame border, so as to improve the flexibility and stability of gas turbine.

Yang Dan, General Manager of Power Generation Service Industry in Asia of this company, said that it was a win-win cooperation with Shanghai Caojing Cogeneration Co., Ltd. Caojing Cogeneration would improve its own competitive advantage, and our company won the trust of important customers.

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