National Energy Administration has actively promoted the working mechanism serving the energy industry.

Source: Website of National Energy Administration


Date: 2013.9.5

During the process of educational and practical activities, National Energy Administration has concretely improved its working style, and helped energy enterprises solve difficulties and handle concrete affairs in a down-to-earth manner; has printed and issued the Notice on Establishing the Coordination Working Mechanism to Serve the Scientific Development of Energy Enterprises, with 7 coordination working mechanisms to serve the scientific development of energy enterprises in the fields of coal, electric power, oil and gas, nuclear power, new energy, science and technology and international cooperation. On August 26th, the leading group of the educational and practical activities of National Energy Administration held the meeting to boost the coordination work, so as to serve the scientific development of energy enterprises, aiming at ensuring the concrete implementation of the service provided for energy enterprises.

The establishment of the coordination work mechanism to serve the scientific development of energy enterprises is a part of the efforts made by National Energy Administration in terms of energy work, and a part of the theme activity of “functional transformation, working style alternation, big events priority, difficulty solving, doing practical things and mechanism establishment”; besides, it is also the important content of the educational and practical activities aiming at implementing the mass line of Party, able to demonstrate concretely the implementation of policy, doing practical things for the public and being honest and upright, in National Energy Administration. The Party Leadership Group of National Energy Administration has set the work of serving the scientific development of energy enterprises as the important tool to create the new image and look after the reorganization, striving to promote the establishment of 7 coordination working mechanisms to serve the scientific development of energy enterprises, which have had a good start and initial effect with various features respectively.

 The Coal Department has issued the Implementation Plan of Coordination Working Mechanism to Serve the Scientific Development of Coal Enterprises, and launched the delivery work of the daily express of statistics on coal industry and the regular submission of enterprise information; held symposium on situation of coal economy, discussing and formulating policy measures to reduce the burden shouldered by enterprises, stabilize the electrical coal market, promote the sound development of coal industry and clarify the relationship between coal and power; promoted the issuance of guiding opinions to solve difficulties suffered by the production and operation of coal enterprises and promote the long-term sound development of coal industry.

 The Power Department has involved service provision into management, taken the concerns of enterprises into consideration, satisfied the demands of enterprises and solved the difficulties for enterprises; thoroughly transformed its function and working style and upgraded its service level. It has held meeting of working group, to brief power supply and demand across the nation and the situation prediction of the next half of this year, researched on the major problems faced with by power enterprises as the corresponding countermeasure; listened to the suggestions and proposals promoted by power enterprises, associations and consulting institutions in terms of power development planning; insisted on the working style of immediate action and correction; completed the supporting documents needed to simplify project approval actively and launched the construction planning of thermal power projects in the next 3 years.

 Oil and Gas Department has held symposium on how to serve the scientific development of oil and gas enterprises; introduced the industrial development of shale gas, the supply and demand situation of gas, progress and assumption of national oil storage; propelled streamline administration and institute decentralization, strengthened market supervision and actively promoted the overseas operation of devices of offshore oil engineering.

The Nuclear Power Department has insisted on concentrated solutions for common problems, special solutions for individual problems and major breakthroughs for core problems, actively boosted service provision to promote the related work of enterprises; established the coordination working group in charge of the construction and management of AP1000 Project; established the rigor supervision and control system for production safety and quality control; strengthened the information submission of project progress, in order to timely master the progress of project construction and coordinate and solve any problem existing in the process of project construction.

 The New Energy Department has held symposiums on the industrial management of wind power and solar power as well as on the photovoltaic industry in succession, researching on the problems existing in the management of new energy industry and the development of photovoltaic enterprises, after the transferring of approval authority to a lower level; organized multiple field research and conferences on the strategic planning of hydropower development, solving the problems of partial wind power unit being shut down and the construction of distributed power, and conducted researches on the realistic difficulties and prominent problems being intensified reported faced with by industries, including hydropower, wind power, photovoltaic industry, biomass energy and agricultural energy; issued policies from the perspectives of the quality management of hydropower projects, scheduling of pumped storage power station and hydropower resettlement.

 Science and Technology Department has held multiple pointed conferences, aiming at providing services for related energy enterprises, scientific research institutions and public practitioners of energy science industry and solving difficulties for them; held symposiums on how to serve the scientific development of nuclear power and grid industry, discussing about the major issues of industrial scientific innovation; held symposiums on how to serve the scientific innovation of scientific research institutions specialized in energy and solving difficulties for them actively; held symposiums on how to serve the scientific innovation of energy enterprises, discussing on the policy measures to promote the scientific energy innovation.

 The International Affair Department has established a leading group to coordinate and serve the implementation of policy, “going abroad”, in the energy enterprises; established the liaison system to comprehensively master the updated situation of the “going abroad” of the energy enterprises; established the bank of international energy cooperative projects in the fields of oil and gas industry, power industry and coal industry; boosted the implementation of “going abroad” of the nuclear power industry and provided enterprises with supports for the active exploration of overseas market.

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