SEP Clinches Big Deals at CIIE for 4 Consecutive Years

On November 4, 2021, the fourth China International Import Expo (CIIE) opened in Shanghai. Liu Mingsheng, Vice President and Member of Party Leadership Group of SPIC, attended the opening ceremony and the Hongqiao International Economic Forum.

On the morning of November 5, Liu Mingsheng was invited to attend the high-level forum on the 20th anniversary of China's accession to the WTO and visited the business exhibition of the exhibitors. In the afternoon, SPIC held a signing ceremony of import procurement agreements, where SEP Chairman and Party Secretary Hu Jiandong delivered a speech on behalf of SPIC and witnessed the signing of the contracts (agreements) together with the guests present. The signing ceremony was presided over by Lu Anjian, Director General of Legal and Commercial Affairs Department of SPIC.

In his speech, Hu Jiandong said that SPIC will take CIIE as a platform, build a bridge for the mutual benefits and shared development with domestic and overseas enterprises, further integrate into the process of economic globalization, and promote high-quality sustainable development during the in-depth integration and interaction of domestic and international markets and resources as well as the new development paradigm of "dual circulation" featuring domestic and overseas markets reinforcing each other, so as to share the development achievements and move towards a broader future together.

During this expo, SPIC Fuel Management Center and 12 subsidiaries of SPIC signed 16 contracts (or agreements) with 15 overseas suppliers, with a total contract amount of around USD 400 million. Among them, SEP signed cooperation agreements with Austria-based Innio Jenbacher, Australia-based Macquarie Bank and other international enterprises, covering gas turbines, coal and other aspects, accounting for almost 60 percent of the total contract amount of SPIC.

It is reported that SEP has participated in the signing ceremony of SPIC import procurement agreements for four consecutive years, and that various cooperation projects have been in good progress.

During the CIIE, the relevant personnel of SPIC trading sub-delegation participated in the Hongqiao International Economic Forum, High-level Forum on the 20th Anniversary of China's Accession to the WTO and other related events, and visited the exhibition halls of GE, Siemens and other suppliers for further exchanges.

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