SEP Holds Safety Production Committee Enlarged Meeting, Remobilization Meeting on Ensuring Power Supply and Security for 100th Anniversary of CPC

On the afternoon of June 24, 2021, SEP held an enlarged meeting of safety production committee and a remobilization meeting to ensure the safety of electricity supply and security in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, which conveyed and implemented the relevant requirements for ensuring power supply and security from the State Council Safety Committee Office, SPIC, East China Energy Regulatory Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, and remobilized, redeployed and reimplemented the work of ensuring power supply and security to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party.

SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Hu Jiandong attended the meeting and gave a lecture on work safety, President and Deputy Party Secretary Wei Juliang remobilized and redeployed the work of ensuring power supply and security for the 100th anniversary of the Party, and Party Committee Member and Deputy President Zhai Deshuang presided over the meeting and conveyed the spirit of the relevant meetings.

Hu Jiandong gave a lecture on work safety titled "strengthening intrinsic safety, adhering to safe development, and striving to build a world-class clean energy enterprise", which put forward a few requirements as follows: first, study and implement the important remarks of General Secretary Xi Jinping on work safety in an in-depth manner, master the ideological approaches and working methods of improving safety production, conduct the related work solidly with high quality on the basis of in-depth learning and understanding, internalize it into the company's ideas and initiatives to improve work safety, and thus form the ideological and behavioral consciousness of all the cadres and staff to ensure safety, insist on putting work safety in the first place, adhere to the guiding principle of starting from reality and seeking truth from facts, and make every effort to build an enterprise of intrinsic safety from the four aspects of people, materials, systems and environment; second, promote the construction of double prevention mechanism solidly, grasp the essence the double prevention mechanism, highlight the prevention-oriented principle, strive to build the two "firewalls" of managing risks and treating hidden dangers, stick to the coordinated promotion of HSE system construction and other related work, focus on the existing problems in the construction of double prevention mechanism, concentrate on the foundation, improve the ability to identify and control risks, deepen the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers, and build an unbreakable dam for safe production with precise measures; third, cadres at all levels should be bold enough to assume responsibilities and conduct management, and all the cadres, especially the leading cadres, should raise their political stance, transform their working style, take the initiative to carry out the work, and push for the implementation of the deployments and requirements of the company's Party Committee.

Wei Juliang pointed out that all the units should fully understand the extreme importance of ensuring power supply and security during the important periods, further enhance the sense of pressure, urgency and responsibility, come up with a wartime state, and adopt extraordinary measures and means to ensure work safety under control and create a safe and stable environment for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party. Firstly, grasp the significance of ensuring safety for the 100th anniversary of the Party profoundly, and understand that ensuring safety is considering the overall situation, safety is the premise of development, and development is the guarantee of safety; secondly, be aware of the existing problems and loopholes in work safety, deeply analyze and rectify the problems found in the inspection, and focus on resolving the prominent problems such as the gap in ideological awareness, the lack of strength in the construction of double prevention mechanism, that the fundamental safety management is not firm enough, and that contractor management remains the biggest shortcoming; thirdly, implement the requirements for ensuring work safety during important periods in a comprehensive manner, further strengthen work safety, strictly implement the responsibility system of safety production, continue to promote the construction of double prevention mechanism, strengthen the equalization management of contractors, maintain the intensity of strict punishment, and complete the work of network information security, anti-terrorism prevention and strengthening emergency response.

All the members of the company's Safety Production Committee and heads of relevant departments participated in the meeting at the main venue. The main leaders, leadership team members and personnel from related departments of various affiliated companies joined in the meeting at the branch venues.

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