Hu Jiandong, Wei Juliang Meet China Energy Shanghai Branch Chairman Yu Ji'an, President Ding Yiruo

On January 15, 2021, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Hu Jiandong and President and Deputy Party Secretary Wei Juliang met with China Energy Investment Corporation (China Energy) Shanghai Branch Party Secretary and Chairman Yu Ji'an, Deputy Party Secretary and President Ding Yiruo and their delegation at the company headquarters.

Hu Jiandong welcomed the visit of Yu Ji'an, Ding Yiruo and their delegation. He recalled the history of cooperation between SEP and China Energy Shanghai Branch over the years, introduced the operation and development of various business segments of SEP, and highlighted the company's work in ensuring the implementation of SPIC's "first-class strategy in 2035" first in Shanghai, and strengthening the capacity of resource integration and element synergy in the Shanghai region, as well as the development of integrated smart energy, renewable energy and other types of clean energy.

Yu Ji'an expressed thanks to SEP for its warm reception, and introduced the work of China Energy Shanghai Branch in regional development, energy research and renewable energy development. He hoped that both sides could further explore the cooperation model and jointly provide supporting services for the energy conservation, emission reduction and green development of Shanghai region.

The persons in charge of the relevant units of China Energy Shanghai Branch and relevant SEP departments participated in the meeting.

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