Wei Juliang Attends Commencement Ceremony of Shanghai Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project

On December 17, 2020, the commencement ceremony of Shanghai Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project, the first domestic offshore wind power project with competitive allocation, was held in the northern waters of Hangzhou Bay in Shanghai. Zhou Qiang, Deputy Director of Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shen Mingqiu, Chief Engineer of East China Sea Bureau of Ministry of Natural Resources, and leaders of the project owner and various participating companies attended the ceremony. SEP President Wei Juliang was invited to attend the ceremony and deliver a speech.

At 11:38 am, with the word of command by Zhou Qiang, Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project started construction officially. Zhou Qiang expressed thanks to SEP, State Grid Corporation of China and other related companies for their contributions to Shanghai's energy development. He pointed out that the construction of  large-scale offshore wind power base is the key advancement content of the 13th Five-Year Plan for energy development in Shanghai, and is also an important support for building a safe, clean, efficient and sustainable modern energy system compatible with the Socialist modern international metropolis. As the largest single wind power project in Shanghai, Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project is in line with the fundamental principle of safety-based, green and efficient, innovative and integrated, open and shared energy development in Shanghai, and is a powerful pivot for Shanghai to expand incremental investment, improve modern energy system, and promote the resumption of work and production and economic recovery after the COVID-19 epidemic. He wished the project to be completed and put into operation soon, and make due contribution to realizing Shanghai's goal of becoming a green and environment-friendly city.

Wei Juliang said that the start of Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project marks that the key breakthrough battle in the field of renewable energy in Shanghai has been fully launched, which is conducive to optimizing Shanghai's energy structure, shaping the city image and improving the urban environment. Despite the impact of the epidemic, Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project obtained the approval and started construction successfully with only six months, which cannot be separated from the special attention from the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the great support and cooperation from various government departments and associate companies, as well as the hard work and sweat of leaders at all levels and people from all walks of life. He asked all the participating companies to achieve high standards and strict requirements on the premise of ensuring "grand safety", conduct careful organization and scientific construction, realize the construction goals as scheduled, create a high-quality project in China's power industry, and make due contribution to the clean energy development in Shanghai.

It is reported that Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project is a major construction project in Shanghai, is the city's third large-scale offshore wind power base following the East Sea Bridge base and Lingang base, and is also a "new highland" of renewable energy development and utilization jointly created by SEP and State Grid Corporation after the East Sea Bridge demonstration project. Located in the north of Hangzhou Bay, Fengxian District, the project, with a planned installed capacity of 200 MW, is proposed to install 32 sets of 6.45 MW offshore wind turbines, which also involves the simultaneous construction of a 220 KV offshore booster station and an onshore centralized control center. The project integrates multiple innovations in unit selection, wind farm design, wind farm construction and smart operation and maintenance, and is committed to creating a smart offshore wind farm with "leading innovation and high-end demonstration", further demonstrating Shanghai's quality to the world and contributing to Shanghai's goal of building a green and environment-friendly city with a green, intelligent and safe modern grid construction concept.

According to the plan, Fengxian Offshore Wind Power Project is expected to be connected to the grid by the end of 2021. After commercial operation, it will provide 596,398,400 KWH of electricity for the grid every year, saving about 184,300 tons of standard coal annually, with significant energy conservation and emission reduction benefits.

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