Hu Jiandong, Wei Juliang Meet ECEPDI Chairman, President

On November 20, 2020, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Hu Jiandong and President and Deputy Party Secretary Wei Juliang met with Gu Jin, Party Secretary and Chairman of East China Electric Power Design Institute (ECEDPI), and Zhang Pengfei, President and Deputy Party Secretary of ECEDPI, at the headquarters of SEP.

Hu Jiandong welcomed the visit of Gu Jin, Zhang Pengfei and their delegation, and introduced the operation development of various business segments of SEP, highlighting the company's latest progress in integrated smart energy and overseas projects centered on playing the "future deck of cards" well. He hoped both sides to further strengthen cooperation, learn from each other and achieve common development.

Gu Jin appreciated the company's warm reception, and introduced the results achieved by ECEDPI in deepening reform, transformation and upgrading, scientific and technological innovation, and talent team construction. He hoped to continue to consolidate and deepen the long-standing good cooperation relationship with SEP, and expressed willingness to provide more support and services for its integrated smart energy and overseas business.

Dai Sufeng, SEP Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Engineering Management Department, and relevant leaders of Planning and Development Department, Science and Information Technology Department and International Business Department participated in the meeting.

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