Shanghai Regional Coordination Office Holds 2nd Work Meeting

On March 30, 2020. the second work meeting of Shanghai Regional Coordination Office was held at SEP headquarters. The meeting was presided over by Wang Yundan, Director of Shanghai Regional Coordination Office, and Party Secretary and Chairman of SEP.

The leaders of member units including SNERDI, SPIC Energy Engineering, SNPAS, SPERI, SNPSC, SPIC Talent College, SPIC Aluminum International Trading, CPI Ronghe Financial Leasing and CPCEC Shanghai Branch attended the meeting.

The meeting participants reviewed and passed the establishment plan and rules of procedure of Shanghai Regional Coordination Office, and made detailed arrangements for the 14th Five-Year Plan compilation of Shanghai region.

Various companies held in-depth exchanges on resource integration, implementation of SPIC strategic requirements and efficient development of regional coordination work. The meeting concluded that the establishment of a sound coordination mechanism in Shanghai is able to ensure the implementation of SPIC's "first-class strategy in 2035" in Shanghai first, and is conducive to the integrated regional planning, government connection, market development, power marketing, brand construction and other work for SPIC's subsidiaries in Shanghai. The meeting delegates introduced the general situation and superior resources of respective companies, and expressed that they will leverage their respective capabilities, take the initiative to enhance resource sharing and form synergy, and join hands to promote the regional coordination work in Shanghai efficiently. In addition, all the member units discussed the cooperation matters that could be carried out in the near future.

The third meeting of Shanghai Regional Coordination Office will be sponsored by SNERDI in June.

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