SPIC Assistant President Li Shulei Inspects SEP, Conducts Special Research on Integrated Smart Energy in Yangtze River Delta Region

On May 7-9, 2019, Li Shulei, SPIC Assistant President and Head of Integrated Smart Energy Industry Promotion Working Group, Wang Haimin, Deputy Director of Industry Center, and their delegation went to SEP to conduct a special research on Integrated Smart Energy in Yangtze River Delta Region. SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan participated in the research on SEP Minghua Electric Power and the promotion meeting on integrated smart energy in Yangtze River Delta Region.

On May 7, SPIC research team conducted a field survey on SEP Minghua Electric Power and listened to a special report on the practice and exploration of business ecology, scientific research development and integrated smart energy at Minghua Electric Power by the main person in charge of the company.

At the meeting, Wang Yundan focused on the main practices of SEP in cultivating the development of the new driving forces and supporting Minghua Electric Power for robust growth in the field, and said that SEP will follow SPIC's "first-class strategy in 2035", firmly establish innovative thinking, plan the industrial layout in advance, lay stress on developing core products, accelerate market development, and make new contributions to SPIC's integrated smart energy industry development.
Li Shulei spoke highly of SEP taking SPIC's positioning of "an advanced energy technology developer, clean and low-carbon energy provider and energy ecosystem integrator" as the guidance, and instructing Minghua Electric Power to actively build a comprehensive and integrated intelligent technology service system and strive to transform from a traditional energy technology service provider to an industry-leading integrated energy technology supplier and integrator. Minghua Electric Power, as a regional platform company, should rely on the resource advantages of SEP and SPIC integrated smart energy platform company, actively seize new opportunities of the market, make good use of mergers and acquisitions and other market-oriented means, improve core technology capabilities and cultivate more core products based on customer demand, complete the key layout of the Yangtze River Delta Region and radiate to a wider geographical area. At the same time, the company should adhere to the direction of equity diversification, employment marketization, compensation differentiation and incentive diversification under the leadership of SEP, and make every effort to promote the enterprise system and mechanism reform process, stimulate the vitality of innovation subject and promote the agglomeration of innovative elements, Li Shulei said.

On May 8, SPIC research team went to SEP World Expo Zone A Project, Shenergy Hongqiao Business District Energy Center, Renji Hospital Distributed Energy Supply Project and Huadian Shanghai Disney Integrated Smart Energy Project for a field investigation.

On May 9, SPIC research team held a promotion meeting on integrated smart energy in Yangtze River Delta Region at SEP Headquarters. The meeting was presided over by Wang Haimin. Wang Yundan delivered a work report titled "vigorously developing integrated smart energy and accelerating transformation to energy ecosystem integrator", while SPIC Jiangsu Company, Zhejiang Branch, Anhui Branch and SPERI made work reports on their own integrated smart energy development respectively according to the meeting arrangement.

At the meeting, Li Shulei pointed out that the research mainly involves three major tasks as follows: first, convey the information, and implement SPIC Party Leadership Group's requirement on speeding up the development of integrated smart energy projects and seizing the integrated smart energy market to various subsidiaries; second, sort out the integrated smart energy projects of various units through the research, formulate the three-year development plan on integrated smart energy projects and the 14th Five-Year Plan; third, coordinate and tackle the problems, for those problems difficult to solve on the scene, submit them to the relevant departments and leaders of SPIC respectively.

He stressed that SPIC leaders attach great importance to the development of integrated smart energy industry, and required various units to strengthen the layout in the fields of construction, transportation, communications, civil-military integration, agricultural water conservancy, etc., and fully utilize SPIC's innovative system and mechanism policies to accelerate the implementation of key projects while making preparations for technology development.

Finally, he hoped that SEP will take the lead in the development of integrated smart energy in the Yangtze River Delta Region.

The relevant leaders of SPIC Capital Operation Department, Industry Center and Integrated Smart  Energy Company as well as SEP, SPIC Jiangsu Company, Zhejiang Branch, Anhui Branch, SPERI and CPI Ronghe Financial Leasing joined in the event.

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