Hua Jianmin, Qian Zhimin Unveil SPIC Thermal Power Industry Innovation Center

On the morning of November 29, 2019, the unveiling ceremony of SPIC Clean and Efficient Thermal Power Industry Innovation Center was held at Pudong test base of SPERI. Hua Jianmin, former vice chairman of the standing committee of the 11th National People's Congress, and Qian Zhimin, SPIC Chairman and Secretary of Party Leadership Group, jointly unveiled SPIC Clean and Efficient Thermal Power Industry Innovation Center (Innovation Center) and gave speeches. The unveiling ceremony was presided over by Shi Jialin, SPIC Deputy Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Board Director. The leaders of SPERI, SEP, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) also delivered speeches respectively.



In his speech, Hua Jianmin reviewed the development history of SPERI and the days when he used to work there, and expressed warm congratulations on the establishment of the Innovation Center. He pointed out that SPERI as a scientific research institute with a long history, should pass down the excellent corporate cultural genes, adhere to the reality, do things based on the rules; scientific research work should comply with the national strategy and the urgent needs of the people, combine the enterprises, producers and users closely, and produce value and results; SPIC, as an important national energy enterprise, must have a strong sense of political responsibility and historical mission, strengthen independent innovation and integrated innovation, and build the Innovation Center into the benchmark of the energy industry.


Qian Zhimin expressed congratulations on the 60th anniversary of the founding of SPERI on behalf of SPIC, and extended sincere thanks to Hua Jianmin and related companies for their long-term caring and support for the development of SPIC. He pointed out that the opening of the Innovation Center marks a solid step forward in the implementation of SPIC's "first-class strategy in 2035" and the restructuring of the innovation system.


Regarding the next step of the Innovation Center, Qian Zhimin put forward a few requirements as follows: first, give full play to the due role, enhance unity and cooperation, and strive to build a first-class innovation center with a big team thinking; second, find the accurate orientation, and explore new management and development models of the center actively; third, be people-oriented, and build a talent cultivation base for thermal power companies; fourth, adhere to shared development, and take the initiative to undertake the upgrading and updating mission of the thermal power industry; fifth, promote international cooperation, respond to the Belt and Road Initiative of the country, and achieve win-win development.


After the unveiling ceremony, Qian Zhimin accompanied Hua Jianmin to hold cordial talks with senior experts and old comrades of SPERI. During the meeting, Qian Zhimin made a report to Hua Jianmin on the reform and development of SPIC in recent years as well as the group's strategic deployment. Hua Jianmin praised the achievements made by SPIC in reform and development, stressing the need to attach great importance to energy security, standardize nuclear safety management, strengthen talent training in electricity industry, enhance scientific and technological innovation, and promote clean and efficient utilization of energy.


The relevant representatives from the related departments of Shanghai municipal government, SJTU and SEC, SPIC Chief Science, Technology and R&D Officer and Director of Science, Technology and Innovation Department Fan Jihong, SPIC Thermal Power Industry Development and Innovation Coordination and Guidance Committee Director Yan Hongqiang, and leaders of SPIC General Office, Development Department, UGTC, SEP, China Power International, SPIC Central Research Institute, SNPDRI, SNPAS, SPIC Henan Company, Northeast Company, Jiangsu Company, Jiangxi Company, SDEPCI, SPERI and other subsidiaries of SPIC participated in the above event.

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