Wang Yundan Meets SPERI Executive Director and Deputy Party Secretary Gu Ai

On October 21, 2019, SEP Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Yundan met with Shanghai Power Equipment Research Institute (SPERI) Executive Director and Deputy Party Secretary Gu Ai and his delegation at SEP headquarters, and both sides conducted exchanges on further deepening cooperation. SEP Deputy Party Secretary and President Wang Huaiming, Party Committee Members and Deputy Presidents Guo Baohong, Huang Chen and Xia Meixing attended the meeting.



Wang Yundan expressed warm welcome to the visit of Gu Ai and his delegation, and gave an introduction to the development situation of SEP. Wang expressed that SEP will strengthen the cooperation with SPERI, insist on promoting the implementation of "first-class strategy in 2035" as the guide, find the right orientation, leverage respective advantages, undertake Heavy-duty Gas Turbine Project and other science and technology project cooperation comprehensively, enhance the communication in engineering construction, technological rehabilitation and talent cultivation, create an atmosphere of innovation actively, implement high-quality development firmly, and strive to become the pioneer and pacesetter of SPIC in building a world-class clean energy enterprise.



Gu introduced the general situation of SPERI, specific progress of Heavy-duty Gas Turbine Project and other projects and thoughts of transformation and development. He hoped both sides to further consolidate cooperation, seriously execute various tasks assigned by SPIC, find out gaps, improve weak links, complete top-level design, and create greater value for SPIC while fully leveraging the talent advantage of SPERI and providing good service for SEP.


SEP Deputy Chief Engineer Dai Sufeng and the leader of General Office participated in the meeting.

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